Congress Debating Over More Efficient Light Bulbs

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The future of the light bulbs in your lamps rides with a vote in congress that could come as early as today.

In Washington, D.C., it’s a battle over state’s rights and jobs. But, to the consumer it’s simply an issue of choice.

The emergence of compact florescent lamps was supposed to spell the end of production of the old style incandescent light bulbs by the end of this year due to the difference in energy consumption.

Congressman Mike Doyle argues there are good jobs in making the new bulbs that meet the energy standards in both CFL and incandescent.

Western Pennsylvania native, and now Republican congressman from Texas Joe Barton said the federal standards will kill jobs in his state that make the old style of bulbs.

“The light bulbs that my good friend Mr. Doyle just eluded to, are five times to six times more expensive than the traditional incandescent light bulb,” Rep. Bareton said.

KDKA-TV’s John Shumway talked with some people about the new bulbs Monday afternoon.

Many liked the new bulbs and already use them in their homes. However, they would like to have a choice and some feel Congress should focus attention on health and issues of national importance.

As it currently stands, 100-watt incandescent light bulbs will be phased out at the beginning of 2012. In 2013, the 75-watt bulbs will be phased out with the 40-watt bulbs being phased out in 2014.


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One Comment

  1. Julie says:

    I find it amazing that no one addresses the impact that the mercury in the so called energy efficient lights will have on the environment.

  2. Sy Nick says:

    The federal government is 5 trillion dollars in debt and they are wasting time debating light bulbs?

  3. JustSaying says:

    Hopefully this legislation will be repealed before it goes into effect. CFL bulbs are not ALL that!

    Pros of CFL bulbs:

    Longer life
    More energy efficient

    Cons of CFL bulbs:

    Five times more expensive
    Slow to start (reach maximum brightness)
    Some people do NOT like the color of the light
    Do NOT work well with dimmers
    Each bulb contains 4 milligrams of Mercury – enough to contaminate over 500 gallons of water
    The EPA website recommends a 10 step clean-up process for broken bulbs – it’s a hazmat situation
    Bulbs should be taken to a recycling center to discard them


    1. Julie says:

      Thank you!

  4. Debra says:

    It should be us the consumers us what light bulbs we want to us.Don’t the government have enough to worry about then what kind of light bulb to use? And this will cause some people to lose there jobs over this.We should be alowed to use the light bulb we like,not what the government tells us what to use.We don’t need big brother to tell us what to do.We still do have a mind of our own and a voice to say no way!!!!!And how do we know if there any good any way???//

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