NORTH STRABANE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Police are investigating after a man allegedly pointed a gun at a group of five boys as they attempted to cross the road last week.

The kids said as far as they know, they didn’t do anything to provoke that kind of reaction.

“I think it was just road rage. He got really mad,” one boy said.

Last Friday, five boys, ages 9 to 13, had a gun pulled on them as they tried to cross Woodbridge Drive In North Strabane Township.

The police report described a silver Pontiac four-door sedan traveling west on Old Farm Road, which ran a stop sign.

“He just passed the stop sign before he saw us. And then when he was two feet away from us, he stopped,” another boy said.

The boys froze in place not knowing what else to do.

“I didn’t know what I did, but I said sorry anyway because he was getting out of the car and I knew he was mad,” a boy said.

According to the boys, all the driver said was, “Well, you better be sorry.”

“He pulled the door out, took a gun from under his seat, cocked it, loaded it and pointed it at them,” a boy said.

The boys scattered and two ran to their mother, who called 911.

They described the man as being a white male in his mid-30s with short, dark brown hair. He was wearing a white button-down shirt with black suit pants.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.


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