Legal Wrangling Continues In Poplawski Case

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The trial may be over for convicted cop killer Richard Poplawski, but both sides are still wrangling over the case.

Late yesterday, prosecutors filed a new motion asking the defense to return any physical evidence that they obtained when they reviewed the crime scene.

The motion comes on the heels of another one filed by the defense team asking for a new trial.

The most recent motion filed by the prosecution points to an inspection and review of the crime scene weeks after the shooting and lists a number of pieces of physical evidence in possession of the defense that prosecutors want back.

This latest move follows a defense motion for a new trial — claiming the judge erred in a number of procedures during the sentencing phase that prejudiced jurors.

The defense argues that jurors should not have heard Poplawski’s racial slurs during his 911 call to police, nor should they have heard of his review of a white pride website prior to the shootings.

Defense attorneys further alleged that Poplawski’s confession to Detective J.R. Smith should not have been allowed because Poplawski had invoked his right to a lawyer.

In that statement, Smith testified: “Poplawski said he shot the first officer with a shotgun and the officer fell backwards. Later, as the officer was lying on the ground, he shot him again in the neck and tried, unsuccessfully, to remove his service revolver.”

Most of the motions are routine and will be referred to Judge Jeffrey Manning.

Should the judge reject motions for a new trial, however, the wheels would be set in motion for a lengthy appeals process.

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One Comment

  1. marilyn says:

    Why do we have to keep hearing about this man? Send him to prison and forget about him. Let the victims’ families have some closure. That is what is wrong with society. The criminal has all the rights. I am so tired of seeing his face.

    1. Bob says:

      It is “wrong” for criminals to have rights?!? That’s one of the most absurd things I have ever heard. One of the fundamental underpinnings of the American justice system is that everyone has a constitutional right to a fair trial, even monsters like Richard Poplawski. That’s what sets us apart from, say, communist North Korea. If you would prefer a system where individuals are given less of these rights, I suggest you book a one-way ticket there.

      1. marilyn says:

        Bob, this man’s rights ended when he blatantly shot a police officer point blank in the head. This coward of a man has no rights. I would like to start his “mixture of juice to his gateway to hell” now!

      2. linda says:

        That’s a stupid thing to say Bob. Poplawski had his fair trial and he was found guilty. Now he needs to live with the consequences on his decisions and actions. How many fair trials are we supposed to give individuals before they pay for their crimes?

      3. Bob says:

        I am by no means attempting to condone Poplawski’s criminal actions. He is a wretched individual, and thankfully, was tried for, and found guilty of, the crimes that he committed. But like it or not, Poplawski has the right to petition for a new trial. He has the right to appeal his sentence to the PA Supreme Court, and he has the ability to argue in the federal courts that his constitutional rights were violated as well. These are fundamental rights afforded to all criminal defendants, and they are not forfeited no matter how heinous the crime. The minute we start denying individuals their judicial rights based on how we personally feel about the crime committed is the minute we loose what makes the American justice system the greatest and most fair system in the entire world.

  2. ramona barnhart says:

    Why shouldn’t they hear the slurs this man made against the cops he is no different . Give us all a break put the man in the grave for what he did and quit usi
    ng our tax dollars to keep him alive.

  3. jorge says:

    uncle cracker is dumb

  4. jeff says:

    uncle cracker is dumb

  5. Ice Cube says:

    187 onna undercover cop.

  6. KKnox says:

    Uncle Cracker needs cracked in the head.Poplawski’s fat a** should have been fried by now ! Put Carrie Allman in the frier with him !

  7. jj says:

    The should cover him with honey and let Ants eat him alive

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