Man Arrested After Making Threats At Meadows Casino

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) – Police arrested a man after he lost his cool at the Meadows Casino Saturday night.

According to police, a Washington County man threatened to kill employees and terrorize them for the rest of their lives.

Dino Locastro, of McMurray, is out of prison tonight. He was allegedly drunk, insulting the staff and disturbing other gamblers.

When security asked him to leave, he allegedly became aggressive and shouted, “I will tear your eyes out… I’m Sicilian. You are dead. Your wife and children are dead. I’m coming after your family. You are going to pay. I’m going to bury you.”

While in custody at the casino, police said Locastro continued to make threats for hours. He promised to spend the rest of his life terrorizing people.

He also punched a wall and damaged it.

Locastro is out of jail after posting bail.


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One Comment

  1. Tom says:

    Well that’s great that hes out

  2. johnny69 says:

    real tough guy

  3. Creme ofsum yunguy says:

    What a D-Bag!!!

  4. hejira says:

    They didn’t take his threats seriously? What an ignoramus.

  5. ENFORCER says:

    Dino needs to come out of the closet and enjoy his new friend Bubba. Take that back to Italy with ya Dino!!!

  6. americanjustice says:

    He must be republican…

  7. BEEEE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    As a fellow Sicilian, I am embarrassed that he represents his people that way. What’s with the Pittsburgh Goatee? Those have been out for years. Throw him in jail and leave him there for acting like that.

  8. Dall Mation says:

    He was in the Soppranos as Vinnys gay love toy

  9. DT says:

    Leave the guy alone…He got drunk and acted like a fool. But that is his problem to deal with, no need to call him names. I am sure most of you have “closets” too

  10. Steve says:

    What a winner….

  11. robert says:

    my italian family has heavier cement shoes than his!

  12. Santino Guiseppe Marcello-Giacomo says:

    haha I love this guy. You tell em son!! This man is in no way a danger to soceity. He just llikes to get his drink on, which I encourage.

  13. johnny69 says:

    I could knock him out

  14. knownhim 40yrs says:

    He’s a Cyber-Sicilian. He’ll hunt down their email addresses and spam their eyeballs out!

  15. JustSaying says:

    I’ll bet this wanna-be couldn’t even find Sicily on a map. Not even if they push pinned a slice of peperoni to it. He needs to realize he’s not a good drunk and stay away from distilled spirits from this point forward.

  16. wark says:

    The guy is a drunken bully. He probably beats his wife and kids. What a loser! Getting your “drink” on is one thing but, acting like a bully is a different story.

  17. B says:

    Hey Johnny69, I know Dino personally and you wouldn’t be able to touch him in a fight. He would knock you out with one punch. Trust me. He has owned horses at The Meadows for over 25 years and is a regular there. He is an oustanding judge in finding horsses and developing them to their full potential. People there know that he is bipolar and when he mixes alcohol and his medication he can get out of hand. He actually is a very good guy but even good guys can have a bad day. Keep your comments to yourself.

  18. William Miller says:

    He will never step foot in the MEADOWS again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He need to move to New Jersey!!!!!

  19. emurell09 says:

    Geez, nothing on earth is safe today! geez this is the very reason why I shifted online!! haayyy.. it’s much safer at

  20. MEEKS says:

    I have checked this guy out on other sites, he has been in a lot of trouble in the past as it relates to his bipolar episodes. He is a train wreck waiting to happen.
    Someone in his family needs to get him professional help. Letting him out of jail without restrictions is bad news for those around him. He is hot tempered and dangerous once he is liquored up.

Comments are closed.

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