Fight Erupts In Local Magistrate’s Office

CANONSBURG (KDKA) – Emotions reached a tipping point in Canonsburg Tuesday at a magistrate’s office.

A surveillance camera caught 31-year-old Jodi Smith allegedly punching 32-year-old Candy Kennedy in the mouth, even though it was Smith who was the winner in a judgment against Kennedy.

“Ms. Smith said the lady laughed and made a gesture to District Judge David Mark. Canonsburg Police Chief R.T. Bell said.

The donnybrook broke out in Judge Mark’s lobby.

“She walked in the door, walked past me past me, punched me in the face and that was it,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy has a swollen bloody lower lip.

“Never opened my mouth to her, never laughed, nothing. The paper was wrong. I didn’t laugh and she only hit me once.”

Smith wasn’t home. Both women live in the Washington Estates Mobile Home Park.

The dispute began after Smith loaned Kennedy $340. Only $40 was returned, so Smith took Kennedy to small claims court and won.

A State Trooper also witnessed the alleged punch.

Smith was arrested by Canonsburg Police and charged with simple assault and harassment.

Smith has been warned to stay away from Kennedy.


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One Comment

  1. luckyguy says:

    Trailer trash…………

  2. JustSaying says:

    Yep, trailer trash for sure. Hopefully they’re spayed so they don’t reproduce more of the same.

    1. junior says:

      Not until all welfare recipients are spayed first.

    2. DocLowery says:

      So you’re saying because people live in a trailer park or community, they are White trash and welfare recipients? I’m so tired of people insulting and judging others. You all need to look at your own happy, lovely, rich and no anger home life and community. Wonder how different the anger and violence is because statistically, the majority of Whites who kill and live angry lives are upper middle class. The poor are always more humble than those who have. Because a person may need help does not make them trash. H*ll, maybe needed a punch to the face. The woman only received $40 back out of $340.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Poor are humble? Are they so humble that they don’t accept the govt paying for everything for them?

        Get a job, get an education, contribute to society, and get off of welfare. Why should I have to pay more taxes b/c people are to lazy to make a better life for themselves?

        Poor are humble, ha ha ha…good one.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Maybe the upper middle class are tired of working just to pay more taxes so lazy P.O.S. can sit around and collect welfare.

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