The Debt Ceiling, Obama & The 14th Amendment

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Does President Barack Obama really need Congressional approval to settle the nation’s debt?

Some experts argue that – according to the U.S. Constitution – the answer is a resounding “No.” They claim that the 14th Amendment, which states that “the validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law … shall not be questioned,” makes the debt ceiling itself unconstitutional.

Robert Mangino speaks with Jerry Bowyer, author of The Free Market Capitalist’s Survival Guide, economist, and columnist, about what the Constitution says about the current debt crisis, as well as how it can be resolved.

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One Comment

  1. Zoeyzotron says:

    China TOLD us yesterday to act responsible with our finances. Not because they care about us but simply because 70% of their foreign investment is in the US Dollor.

    Does anyone else think it is scary that we are so far in debt that the Chinese are telling us what to do….

    We have some real problems now.

    1. Z says:

      Yes, I think it’s scary and if things don’t change we will be known as the COMMUNIST STATES OF CHINA.

    2. hwright says:

      Tell your fellow republicans to close the tax loopholes for corporations running out of the Uglund house in the cayman islands and bring the tax revenue back from them… If that happens the budget will be passed….

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