PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The cost of college just went up at the largest university in Pennsylvania.

It’s just another tuition hike for Penn State students, but it is a smaller one than many of them had feared. The increase comes as the school tries to deal with a $68 million cut in state funding.

Penn State is raising tuition by nearly 5 percent at the University Park campus and almost 3 percent at the branch campuses. For Pennsylvania students, tuition is up 4.9 percent to $15,100 at State College, and for out-of-state students, it’s up 3.5 percent to $27,200.

Ryan Hudacsek, the Nittany Lion mascot at the Beaver campus, said any tuition hike is tough.

“I think it is (tough) just because I know a lot of my friends, I ask them what they do in the summer time, and if they want to hang out or something like that, and a lot of them have two, three jobs,” said Hudacsek, an Ambridge native. “It’s hard, even their parents have two, three jobs already. It’s rough.”

One of those working several jobs is Amanda Palombo.

“I’m helping my parents pay off my school,” said Aliquippa native Palombo. “I’m working three jobs right now to do it.”

Penn State said it had no choice but increase tuition because Gov. Tom Corbett and the legislature cut $68 million in state support, a 19 percent reduction.

The good news, if any, for Penn State students is that the tuition increase is not as great for Penn Staters as it is for those who attend the University of Pittsburgh or the other state-related universities.

Pitt announced an 8.5 percent hike, while state-related universities like California, Clarion, Edinboro, IUP and Slippery Rock are up 7.5 percent. While Penn State’s University Park campus, is up 4.9 percent and its branches up 2.9 percent.

John Mitchell wanted to go to the University Park campus, but he’s not so sure now, particularly with two younger siblings.

“The question is,” said Mitchell, a Beaver Falls native, “am I going to be able to do two plus two because of the increase or not, or should i just stick with the three percent, or try to move on?”

University Tuition Hikes

*  University of Pittsburgh–up 8.5 percent

*  State-related universities–up 7.5 percent

*  Penn State, University Park–up 4.9 percent

*  Penn State, branches–up 2.9 percent


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