Crash Causes Sticky Situation On Parkway West

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Motorists had to deal with a sticky situation on the Parkway West late Sunday night.

A truck carrying bottles of Hershey’s caramel and chocolate syrup overturned near the Interstate 79 split near Robinson Township around 11:30 p.m.

There are no reported injuries, but word about the accident spread fast.

Some bystanders tried to steal the spilled bottles of syrup,  which forced police to keep them away from the accident scene.

hersheys syrup Crash Causes Sticky Situation On Parkway West

(Photo Credit: KDKA)


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One Comment

  1. BILLCO says:

    I understand the safety issue, but this is all covered by insurance, so why not hand out the damaged stuff. You can bet that after the Police chased everyone away and secured the area that they loaded up with what they could take.

    1. Sad but true says:

      Unfortunatly you can’t just hand out “damaged” goods like that. It becomes a liability issue for the company if someone claims they got sick, swallowed a piece of glass or whatever. Even though they’re covered by insurance. My 1st job when I was 16 was working in fast foot. we had so much left over at close that we’d take some home. One guy would actually take food to the people where he lived who didn’t have much money. Well, the store manager happened to be there one night and told him to stop doing it b/c they could get sued. It’s really sad b/c all my co-worker was trying to do was help out. But i do see the legality of the issue. Especially with it being so easy to sue “Big Business” these days.

  2. Zac says:

    >$3 for a bottle of syrup that will last how long? At least a few months. People must be pretty desperate if they need to steal such a non-essential item.

  3. cindy hartley says:

    well the other day we had a truck wreck with milk , too bad these two hadn’t met at the same time , everybody bring straws !!!!

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