PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pittsburgh area is about to enter a stretch of days with temperatures expected to reach the 90’s.

Dr. Tom Campbell, an emergency room doctor at Allegheny General Hospital, says even younger people without medical problems can fall to the heat.

“You certainly can and we see it in marathon runners all the time,” he said. “People who lose all their body fluids and salts can get sick also and people who work outdoors for a living and do construction work.”

There are signs to watch out for.

“Usually the first symptom is lightheadedness or some people call it dizziness,” Dr. Campbell said.

He says feeling weak, nauseated or confused can also be symptoms and something else.

“Profuse sweating happens initially with heat problems and then when you get into very severe heat your body has used up all its fluid and your skin gets very dry,” he added.

Wednesday has already been declared an air quality action day in Pittsburgh, meaning people with breathing problems should limit their time outside.

Amanda Thomas, who runs every day, has already decided to take the next few days off.

“I can’t breathe,” she said. “It affects my lungs when I run in the humidity.”

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