CALIFORNIA BOROUGH (KDKA) — An elderly woman was found stabbed to death.

Evelyn Stepko, 92, lived alone in her California, Washington County, home at 1076 Pike Run Drive where she grew up. Her nieces, nephews and neighbors looked out for her.

A neighbor called police after noticing she hadn’t been seen for a while. Investigators wonder if recent burglaries were a factor.

“She had been the recent victim of some burglaries and as you can see from the house behind us and the manner in which her windows are covered, she lived fearfully for the last several months,” Washington County District Attorney Steven Toprani said.

“She believed and made reports to California Borough police over the last several months that she was a victim of burglaries,” he added. “I believe items, including cash, were stolen from her home.”

Neighbors have noted some unusual activity in the area.

“In the last few nights there’ve been some people running around, going through yards and stuff,” David McClelland, a neighbor, said. “It’s been seen because they called me last week – I think it was Wednesday or Thursday – from the bar and told me there was someone in Evelyn’s backyard and they were headed towards my house.”

“So I put my pants on and I started up through the yard with my double barrel shotgun, but I never seen anybody,” he continued.

So far there are no suspects. Pennsylvania State Police say they have referred this case to Pennsylvania Crime Stoppers.


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