Attentive Neighbor Helps Pittsburgh Police Nab Serial Burglar

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A member of the Brookline Block Watch Association helped Pittsburgh Police nab a serial burglar.

The woman, who did not want to show her face, spoke exclusively to KDKA’s Lynne Hayes-Freeland.

She said as soon as she saw Daniel Wolfe’s face on Birkshire Avenue on Wednesday, she became suspicious because of all the recent burglaries in the neighborhood.

“And the next thing I know, he took the screen out of the window, opened the window and he dove in that window in a matter of seconds,” she said.

While Wolfe was inside, the neighbor called 911 and then grabbed her camera.

“I just thought of my camera and I said so I have a correct look of him, what he was wearing,” she said.

It worked. Police picked up Wolfe a few blocks away on Woodburne Avenue in the same clothes he was wearing in the picture.

He was wanted in two other burglaries earlier this month.

Police say Wolfe had items that he had stolen from the Birkshire Avenue home.

Wolfe is now in custody, charged with nine recent burglaries.

“I’m just glad that we have nice neighbors around here, I’ll tell you that,” Alicia Marasco, a neighbor, said. “I’m grateful.”

People who live in that area say they had all been on alert because of the recent burglaries and that had been the focus of the block watch meetings.

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  • Vinny

    This is your brain on drugs

    • jenny

      Hey vinny! Im not sure if u remember jenny..I have a daughter named isabella from billy dannys brother .. im kinda glad after billy died none of his family kept in contact . So im guessing danny has been in constant trouble thru the years?

  • Thomas J Duttine

    Wonder why we can post about THIS loser??

    • Anonymous

      um…. I believe you did

    • Daniel

      I agree. There’s another story similar to this one where a man held up a gas station in McKeesport, yet you can’t comment on that story. What gives?

      • Dan

        I think “what gives” is that you can comment. But then redrock and critter make purely racist/crude comments so then KDKA closes it. It’s the redrock/critter types that ruin it for everyone else who wants to comment.

      • Thomas J Duttine

        Do you really need to be told?? Just look at the pictures!

  • Big Time News

    Because when there is a story that needs to be discussed the KD cyber police shut it down, They don’t want the bosses at CBS to know that the visitors to this site think the news coverage is such a joke

  • jenny

    billy would be so disappointed!!!

  • Lynyrd

    Props to the neighbor we all should watch out for our neighbors. I know no one wants to be bother today..

  • Trash

    I’m sure somewhere along the line, someone will say it is the collective fault of the teachers he had going through school. You see, they had the nerve to expect him to behave in class, do his work without disturbing others, etc. Throw him in jail and if he is broke, hold his family accountable financially. None of this rehab garbage. They need to pay restitution for anything that was stolen. Imagine the children who may have lived in these homes fearing every night from now on that the “bad guy” will break in their home again. KUDOS to the community block watch! Now with the Castle Doctrine, perhaps future burglars will be the ones calling 911 when they enter the wrong house.

  • ESA Johnson

    The Savior is on earth.

    • Anna

      It is a real website! thanks I will look more into it

      • Stephen

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