Rep. Turzai Pushes Bill To Privatize State Stores

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek talked with PA State House Majority Leader Republican Mike Turzai.

They discuss the plan to privatize the state stores and if it really would be to the benefit of the state.

“We’re full steam ahead,” Turzai said. “Privatization is widely supported by the citizens of Pennsylvania. Both chambers have to work together to do what’s best for those consumers.”

Listen to the complete interview:

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One Comment

  1. ed says:

    We really need to divert the revenue that these stores provide to the state into private hands. Downgrading a few thousand more jobs into the fast food category will also be a big benefit. We should also set the new store owners up with a no tax deal like we did for the frackers. Lets give the entire state away so that a few may profit.

    1. Salvatore Aversa says:

      Amen, brother….

      People don’t realize that once it’s in the hands of the public, there will no longer be the local state store, that has a price control. Once it’s in the public hands, it’s going to be all about the profit. You’ll see liquor prices skyrocket.

      1. tim says:

        have you ever left this corrupt state in your life?

        liquor stores are privately owned in NY and their prices are CHEAPER!!!!

        i know…i know…you won’t believe anything until fox news tells you to and thats just to bad

      2. The One says:

        Its called competition ding bat. Prices will probably be lower.

      3. Mad Hatter says:

        Salvatore – what you wrote is one of the dumbest things I have seen on this website….

        Ed – since these jobs are at the EXPENSE OF THE TAXPAYER, (whom by the way have been hurting for 2 years) yes a downgrade is what is needed.

    2. Anonymous says:

      ed you should get a job in fast food !!

  2. hi ed says:

    @ed: While I appreciate the sarcasm and the wit that is atypical for your average lefty, you really are missing the bigger picture. It is not about downgrading jobs, it is about eliminating government jobs. There has been ZERO talk of giving anyone in the booze industry any sort of tax break. We are not giving anything away except for excess government. If the entire booze industry were privatized, the benefits are undeniable. The profits from the initial sale of the licenses for retail and wholesale sales are estimated to be over 1 billion dollars (ask Rendell). Additionally, the legacy costs and the highly bloated salaries of the state store workers, not to mention building lease and upkeep, would be gone forever. And as far as revenue goes, the taxes on the booze would still be there. In summary, one time cash bonus from sale, exponentially reduced overhead, and continued tax revune.

    That, my friend, is what we call an “intellectual spanking.” Go to bed without your wine.

    1. Rick says:


      1. hi rick says:

        @rick: I would guess by your giant capital letters that you are a man that means business. I do not know why you make assumptions about me or my employment, but those assumptions are irrelevant. The points that I made are roundly accepted as fact. Debate the issues, my friend, or go to bed with Ed. No wine for you, either.

      2. yuri says:

        i can only imagine what it will be like to go out and buy a bottle of wine and actually get decent help from an employee.

  3. John Testa says:

    privatizing is a plus on many fronts,over priced real estate we are paying for to keep over paid state employees living a lush lifestyle cah finally come to an end.what our goverment needs to do is make Pa a right to work state.

    1. Rick says:

      You have no idea and you will be the first one to complain three years after
      the stores are sold and the state starts to tax all clothes and all groceries .
      It is overall a bad idea just go to some other states and see how bad the selection is at most places that sell liquor! Please do some more research on the topic and I think you will see that you are wrong.

  4. Critter says:

    plus they all vote democratic so get rid of them

  5. JustSaying says:

    If it was such a great idea to have the state control liquor, all states would be doing it instead of the other way around! Most of the complaints you hear are from the state store union workers. They may get to keep their jobs if the stores are sold but they’d have to really work for a living!

  6. whiskey says:

    Just keep the one in the Hill. “No justice, No peace”

  7. Mad Hatter says:

    This is an absolute no brainer. These stores should have gone private years ago. Let’s be honest, this is nothing more than a retail job, pay should be consistent with that… $10 an hour, no pensions… It may be sad, but we just can’t afford that anymore.

    Like obama says…. “Shared sacrifice” (I guess he did not realize that it would get bad enough to actually affect his voter base….)

    1. Bill W. says:

      The tax payers of PA. do not spend one dollar to keep these stores open, as a matter a fact the people of PA. benefit from all the money from the sale of the product.
      Please do some more research and you will see that we should keep these stores, and no I do not work for them or know anyone that does have a good night.

      1. earl s. says:

        I agree 100 percent here are reasons to keep these stores
        1. jobs 2. revenue returned to the state. 3. we do not need more stores that sell this drug. 4. the stores are alot better now and I have had good service from the employees. 5. the system is self sufficent ! 6. the private stores will never pay all of the taxes to the state most business owners do not pay all of the taxes that they should !

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