Baby Left Sleeping In Hot Mobile Home

IRWIN (KDKA) — Police say a call from a concerned neighbor to them may have saved a baby’s life.

Police were called Friday around 2 p.m. to Caruther’s Lane in Irwin to check on the welfare of a 1-month-old baby boy left alone in a hot trailer. The mother was also reportedly overdosing on heroin.

“We walked in there. The trailer was in deplorable conditions,” Irwin Police Chief Joseph Pocsatko said. “It was 95 to 100 degrees. The child was sitting on the floor in a car seat carrier-type child restraint system. A dog was about three [feet] from the child locked in a crate with no access to food or water.”

Even more disturbing to police was the condition that Brittany Weir left her trailer in as she came walking up to her home right when they arrived.

“There were filthy diapers all over the residence, dirty dishes, clothes piled everywhere you can,” Pocsatko said.

Neighbors say that trailer has been in that condition for a long time and it was barely fit for an animal to live in.

“She has lived there for about two years once again with no windows or heat, air conditioning, power,” Dallas, a neighbor, said.

High school friend and neighbor Delores Miller is relieved to hear, at least for now, the baby was given to the paternal grandmother.

“I’m really hoping the system actually does something for this child,” Miller said. “I’ve been keeping an eye on her because I mean she’s a druggy.”

“It ranks pretty high in one of the worst conditions I have seen an infant in,” Pocsatko said.

Brittany Weir is now facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child, cruelty to animals and resisting arrest. She is in the Westmoreland County Jail on $10,000 straight bond.

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One Comment

  1. dj says:

    this was my neighbor and they have no business with a baby.the baby was in the hospital after being born for weeks because he was addicted to drugs because of the mother –brittany weirs.there are broken windows in the trailer,no airconditioning,no running water—the cops are there constantly for drug related problems and domestic arguments. all her friends are junkies and the cops have been there for them too.this was NOT a shock to anyone who knows them.

    1. anonymous says:

      brittany yes is garbage.. but not her boyfriend he works everyday and provides care for their child. he was not aware wat was happening because he was at work

      1. BGJ says:

        IF her BF was aware (which he would have been through many avenues) of the situation and left the child in her care, HE CONTRIBUTED TO IT AND IS JUST AS RESPONSIBLE!

      2. anonymous says:

        BGJ…you do not know the situation so dont run your mouth unless you know what really happened

      3. Anonymous says:

        agreed he is not garbage

      4. question boyfriend says:

        anonymous, he may have been at work during the day this happened but….did he never visit the trailer? Did he not know that this woman was an addict? I realize that some people are good at hiding their addictions but the comments and article seem to relay that hers was a well known condition. Providing care means more than handing over cash. If he knew this infant was living in these conditions-filth, no cooling on a day to day basis than yes, he turned a blind eye and is guilty as well. He may not have been out get high at the time this was discovered but the conditions surely did not go from clean and fit to filthy and unfit after he left for work in the morning.

        I’m glad his Mom seems to have the ability to step in now take care of this poor babe.

    2. ohh andlook at this... says:

      and lets not to forget she instigated a stabbing there last summer where her OWN brother got stabbed because of her….and also is in contempt of court for retail theft.ask the irwin police about those incidents where nobody did anything to get her out long before she was ever pregnant.landlord and cops are to blame….

      1. Cyn says:

        It wasn’t a stabbing it was an attack. Brittany had been trying to start a fight with the couple involved all day, and finally she attacked the girl, then ran away crying and called her brother. Her brother came down to where the couple was staying and both the man and woman refused to fight. Brittany’s brother then stepped onto the property, punched the woman in the face, when Brittany jumped in and started attacking the girl and her boyfriend got into a scuffle with Brittany’s brother, when he ended up on the ground that was covered in glass. People on both sides of the fight were sliced up, and the glass is the only explanation. But Brittany came by and cleaned it up right after the incident to save her own skin. I was there and wittnessed the whole thing, and there was no stabbing or weapons involved. Just a junkie trying to put an innocent and GOOD father in jail where he will be kept from his newborn daughter that he loves and takes great care of. Just because she doesn’t want to take the blame for her own actions. But I guess she’s getting hers now. Just glad that her baby is now safe and sorry that he had to suffer through the first month of his life with a mother like her.

  2. Anonymous says:

    the rest of the people who live there are not like her…she is the only one. the rest have jobs and kids and real lives with NO trouble.she is total garbage.

    1. JustSaying says:

      Maybe the ‘rest of the people who live there’ aren’t druggies but ANYONE living there would know it’s not a fit place to live. Unless they are blind, deaf and dumb OR stupid. In my opinion they are just as responsible for the situation as she is! I do agree with other posters that she should be spayed so she doesn’t bring anymore kids into her messed up life.

      1. justsaying? says:

        she was turned in numerous times by other people who lived there–and was ignored by the owner of the land and her trailer.the rest of the other people did know and told.

      2. Anonymous says:

        did any of these concerned neighbors that called the cops and landlord ever think about calling CYS ??????? Probably not they just wanted the junkie gone and never thought about the poor baby 😦 To whom every did call the cops that day ur an Angel a true hero for saving that sweet baby boy !!!!!!!!

      3. cys? says:

        cys was called numerous times which deemed her TRAILER LIVEABLE–it took that hot day to stop her.nobody paid attention there….not true.

      4. CYSJOKE says:

        cys is the biggest joke going….Call them for a situation like this and they drag their feet forever and usually it takes something like this for them to finally step in..But lo and behold you lay a hand on your kid to discipline them, then they are at your door the next day with all kind of threats..

      5. Jeeperz says:

        then the police should have been brought in and taken her AND the owner of the property away. The owner should know whats going on with his property and know the people who lived there. Otherwise hes a slum lord. The baby goes to a foster home and hopefully on to a better life.

      6. Cyn says:

        I don’t live in the trailer park, but I have many friends who live there. Brittany had her baby on a Friday, and I called CYS that Monday, as did at least four people in that trailer park. CYS told another caller that they were the 6th one that day and that she must have been a popular girl. She failed a drug test for opiates and was told she had to be supervised with her son at all times, then when her supervisor was at work she left the baby alone in the trailer. The neighbors are not to blame in this, CYS is responsible for giving her the benefit of the doubt knowing that she was a severe heroin user.

  3. dj says:

    the rest of the people who live there are not like her–she is garbage.the others have jobs and kids and nice places…not life in the trailer park…those other people who live there are good people.she is NOT.

    1. Clem says:

      If it’s such a nice quiet trailer court, how did this crackhead babymomma get in?

      1. Anonymous says:

        she got in by squatting in the trailer –she pays NOTHING to live there…and the neighbors have tried to get her out.the man who owns the property fred panza who owns pluma night club has done nothing even after a petition to remove her from the neighbors.

      2. crack head says:

        squatter–thats how

  4. Lauren says:

    Sterilize her. She does not deserve a baby. So sad when decent people can’t get pregnant and then trash like her are capable.

    1. Anonymous says:

      it was HER mother who had the baby NOT his.and yes he went to the trailer he lived there til last week.

      1. Dena K says:

        THe article say “PATERNAL” grandmother which means HIS mother. Also if he lived there till last week he is just as much to blame. The trailer did not get in deplorable condition overnight and there was no water with a baby in the house? Yes he is just as much to blame, sorry.

      2. wrong says:

        well miss dena–you are wrong. HIS mother does not have the baby. hers does.

  5. connie says:

    I am confused, just last week there was a story about CYS taking a newborn from a mother in New Castle who tested positive for opiates. If this child was born addicted, why is the baby with its mother. Does this county have different rules when governing this type of thing?

    1. x says:

      It appears this poor child slipped through the cracks which is totally unacceptable!!

    2. amanda says:

      You know whats sick… when kids are born addicted they stay in the hospital for weeks or months then are left free to the parents, no questions asked and better yet when they visit the child in the hospital they are drugged up and no one stops them from taking the baby from the hospital… now what is wrong with this picture…

      1. Adrn says:

        As a nurse who deals with this on a daily basis i can tell you we have no authority over where the baby goes home to. That is all left to cyf. We know when these parents are high and innappropriate and the only thing we can do is inform the authorities. We hear time and again “we will make a home visit” or they release the baby to a relative who is only going to give the poor thing back. Its a total shame, but legally the hospital has no authority.

  6. Dave says:

    She obviously isn’t mentally equipped to have children. The solution in my opinion is simple: Once someone has been exposed to be an unfit caregiver, they should be lawfully forced to have their reproductive organs permanently destroyed to prevent them from ever bringing another life into the world. I know that doesn’t really SOUND humane, but consider the people we’re talking about and what you hear about on the news EVERY DAY.

  7. Anonymous says:

    this makes me sick to my stomach… if the hospital knew she was on drugs why would they let her take him.. she is a total pos and this is comming from someone who gave her the benefit of the doubt.. she truely is one thing and that is a junkie.. which is a shame because she was a decent person before she got on dope.

  8. Mr Obvious says:

    Wouldn’t the trailer still be hot even if the mother was in it with the baby?

    1. x says:

      Mr Obvious yes the trailer would still be hot however, from other news reports she was “just returning to the property” when the police arrived so she was not there attending to the baby nor was a sitter. She refused to allow the police to enter the trailer in an attempt to get to the baby so they had to break in. She made no attempt to cool the baby or take him somewhere to relieve him from the heat. If she had been with him and had the windows open, placed cool clothes on him…anything that showed she cared. I don’t think any of the individuals who are concerned think that her presence in the trailer would have made it cooler…geesh!

  9. Deserie says:

    I agree with Dave destroy there reproductive system….

  10. Frank says:

    This is not a “trailer court”. This is a piece of land that happens to have 6 broken down trailers. This was always considered the slums of North Huntingdon. It always looked like an abandoned area.

    1. pluma says:

      it was NOT a broken down place at one time–ask the man who owns it fred panza WHY it is like that now WHY there is trashy people was once a really nice place with people who took care of thier yards and elderly people who all were friends with NO break ins and junkies.he decided it was more important to move all the nice people out to better his business PLUMA.yeah he really did that….look at ms weirs.

  11. D. Lightner says:

    This so called Mother chose to live in these types of conditions & chose her role in drugs. Hate to say this but “She didnt slip thru the system” the “system” does not work as well as people think it should. Since we are in a Commonwealth (Not a State) Each County does simply what they please, they DO NOT have to contact another County pertaining to a person, Each County has it’s own set of rules/regulations. This applies in all aspects of each County. Because we are in a Commonwealth Allegheny County CYS DOES NOT NOR IS REQUIRED to speak with Westmoreland County CYS about a case & so forth. This also includes with Child Support Issues too. Something I have been fighting for quite some years now.

    As for the boyfriend, if he knew any little detail to what was going on, the conditions the child was living in & so forth, he is just as guilty as she is.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If everyone knew she was a druggy and the trailer was in bad condition why in the hell didn’t someone do something to get that baby out of there ?? The BF and Grandma knew !! This blows my mind !! I live close by there and I would see that girl walking around all messed up , if I knew she had a baby and was doing that YES I would have turned her in !!! NO CHILD deserves to live like that !

    1. Anonymous says:

      They gave the baby to her mother who lies for her and enables her. How will this baby turn out under her care – you can see how her parenting has turned out

      1. Anonymous says:

        I don’t know this family but from what I heard the Grandmother is a stable person and did have a tight leash on Britney growing up ! It’s not always the parents fault the kids turn out to be junkies . But I do blame the Mother/ Boyfriend for not stepping in and taking the baby from Britney ! If they don’t want that beautiful baby boy give him up for adoption and let him have a great life !

      2. Dave says:

        Yes, this is the vicious cycle that is today’s society. Unfit parents raising children who then become unfit parents themselves…

      3. Dave says:

        Hypothetically, lets say one druggie makes 2 babies and both of them grow up to become druggies: 1 has become 2. Considering that most of them have a complete lack of consideration for this, most actually have more like 3-5.

      4. Dave says:

        So, if there are 100 druggies having 3-5 children, 100 has become 300-500 in just one generation. How bad will our children’s generation be or worse yet their children’s generation?

  13. Anonymous says:

    he who has not sinned cast the first stone

  14. FCYSD says:

    F CYS. The stuff they should be worried about like this crack head broad they dont worry about…But heaven forbid if a parent lays a hand on their kid for discipline they come a knocking at your door…F CYS,..

    1. Dave says:


  15. amanda says:

    CYS is a joke… If they are called, they will notify the person before they show up at their house to inspect it… really!?! how ridiculous… if you call them obviously they will clean up and act as if all is okay! CYS is a waste, they dont do anything and they give kids back to druggies all the time… and they gave that baby boy to her mom??? Really… she is just as bad bc she knew the situation, you cant say she didnt and sh obviously didnt do anything about it… that baby needs real parents and a stable home…

    1. Dave says:

      yeah just another wasted expense for taxpayers. the whole system is broken. Thank the richie riches who dont care about the less fortunate. CYS was in my home from the time I was 8 till I was 16, all because my brother and I got into a fight. In all honesty the sibling rivalry wasnt often enough or severe enough to warrant CYS having to step in, especially for 8 years. How much sense does that make when stuff like this happens all the time?

  16. says:

    social programs keep this trash alive… let nature thin the herd

  17. missy says:

    as a woman who has been trying to become a mother for years, yes- this is disturbing. I don’t know. maybe somewhere along the line this young girl will find her way and become the mother this child deserves. or at the very least this child should be raised in a normal environment away from the chaos of drugs. regardless, all anyone can do is pray that the cycle ends.

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