2nd Man Charged In Murder Of 92-Year-Old Woman

CALIFORNIA BOROUGH (KDKA) – A second man has been charged in connection with the death of an elderly woman in Washington County.

According to police, David J. McClelland, has been charged with criminal homicide, criminal conspiracy, receiving stolen property and aiding consumption of a crime.

On Friday, McClelland’s father, 56-year-old David A. McClelland, was arrested on criminal homicide charges.

David A. McClelland was a neighbor of 92-year-old Evelyn Stepko. He spoke with KDKA-TV’s Harold Hayes about Stepko earlier this week before he was arrested.

“In the last few nights [there have] been some people running around, going through yards and stuff,” McClelland said. “It’s been seen because they called me last week – I think it was Wednesday or Thursday – from the bar and told me there was someone in Evelyn’s backyard and they were headed towards my house.”

Stepko was found stabbed to death in her home earlier this week. A neighbor called police after noticing she hadn’t been seen for a while.

Police said they found a latex glove inside the victim’s home at 1076 Pike Run Drive in Coal Center. They also found fingerprints on the glove which led them to their suspect, David A. McClelland.

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One Comment

  1. angela says:

    No, rose, they should get worse and her family should be allowed to administer the punishment.

  2. ENFORCER says:

    When they are found guilty KILL THEM.

  3. Ryan says:

    I could cave this guys face in with one punch. His father would get Karate chopped right on the throat if he came in my house.

  4. missy says:

    I could do that as well Ryan. May they rot in hell.

  5. db says:

    Remember, their defense attorney will use the oath “MY CLIENT IS INNOCENT”

  6. rose says:

    where is bubba? I’d like to hear his further comments

  7. Brad says:

    Is this the same POS that “investigated” the “prowlers” around Evelyn’s home? Is this the SOB with the shotgun? So is Toprani “debating” the death penality or where his next grease-laden meal is coming from? To Tina; old west vigilantes? I’m in!

    1. gymguy says:

      Hey Brad, not that familiar with Toprani, but I can say if it was Allegheny County, Zappala would have this cop out in no time flat. Here cops can beat, steal, and kill with impunity.

      1. Brad says:

        That’s anywhere gymguy, when you enforce the laws, you’re above the laws you enforce. I know a state cop that had a child with a 15 year old when he was 21, certain types of records do NOT lie.

  8. johnn69 says:

    They are laughing right now. They think it is hilarious that they will be out in a few years to make some other innocent their victim, while we all stand by and watch. Will the next victim be your mom? Your child or neighbor? Mine? We should be ashamed of ourselves that we allow vermin like this stay in existance

  9. gymguy says:

    A cop committing a crime???????? Cops don’t do that, they are good and want to protect us, right? Convict this trash and throw him in with the general population, see how long he lasts.

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