The Buzz About Bees In Beechview

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Burgh Bees, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit beekeeping organization, is hoping to capitalize on a new urban agriculture ordinance to construct an apiary in Beechview.

Their proposal goes up for review by the zoning board next week, but some local residents feel stung by the group’s plans.

KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek talks with Joe Zgurzynski, president of Burgh Bees, about the impact that beekeepers would have on Beechview and the surrounding areas.

Listen as he discusses whether the bees would have a sweet impact on the local ecosystem and economy – as Burgh Bees claims – or whether introducing thousands of new bees poses a danger to nearby residents.

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One Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do not introduce more bees to this area. Look what happened when stink bugs and lady bugs. You will cause more harm than good

    1. Glenn says:

      This is a stupid comment… Honey bees have been here since introduced many many many years ago. You have nothing that they want. It’s only beneficial to have them around. Please do a little research before you make comments.

  2. Nicky P says:

    Yes! Bees! I live in Pittsburgh and I remember when I was younger in the 80’s there used to be more bees. There used to to be more nature and flowers too. I remember when I first got stung. I’m even mildly allergic to them. But I say go ahead and start a bee colony. They are naturalized. And due to the sudden Hive Collapse Syndrome it would not hurt to add some and see if they take hold. These are not stink bugs, they are honey bees.

  3. Mary Lee Frye Marshman says:

    Exactly where in Beechview?????

  4. Progressive in Beechview says:

    If you are not educated on this topic, please save your stupid comments to yourself. Bees are in no way the same as stink bugs or lady bugs. Do some research. It’s embarrassing to people who live in Beechview when people who don’t know what they are talking about get on the news because they are opposed to bees, but don’t care if their library is threatened or drug dealers are your neighbors. You do not speak for everyone. Bring on the bees! And find a more important battle to fight and leave the bees alone.

  5. Conservative in BP says:

    ‘Anonymous’ has zero idea about the importance of honeybees to his/her food supply. Bees are responsible for the vast majority of pollination around the world. To liken them to invasive species introduced by foreign shipping (stinkbugs) or experiments (Asian ladybugs) is outright ignorant of basic natural relationships. Declining pollination = declining food supply. You like food, right?

    My parents have hives in a (gasp) suburban subdivision. Any apiary has to be licensed and inspected. Trying to keep bees out of any locality is a pretty dumb idea. Unless someone goes out of his/her way to disturb the hive, those bees have no interest in anything but pollination and honey production.

    Oh, and Anonymous – you better be aware of your surroundings. Bees will colonize anywhere, including Beechview, without permission and without advance warning from the news. Of course, there are several organizations that will come collect and relocate natural colonies and swarms. They even compete to see who will be lucky enough to get them.

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