3 Stabbed During West Mifflin Fight

WEST MIFFLIN (KDKA) – Police are investigating after three women were stabbed during a fight in West Mifflin Tuesday morning.

According to our news partners at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the incident happened at the Mon View Apartments on Midway Drive around midnight.

Police were initially called to the scene because on an ongoing altercation.

Two women were transported to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital, while a third was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital.

There is no word on any of their conditions at this time.

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One Comment

  1. jealous weirdos says:

    The savior is on earth! Learn how to act. “www the-savior com”

  2. Thomas J Duttine says:

    What?? Did you idiots run out of bullets???

  3. Marie says:

    there are a lot of us here in West Mifflin who take pride in our homes and neighborhoods. Running away from West Mifflin just lets this blight spread. Instead, we should continue our efforts to keep things livable here by shutting this project down. It is a drain on our tax dollars, police force, and property values. The person who owns this eyesore should be held accountable for her tenants’ behavior and she should be made to pay for the extra time and money her property costs this borough.

    1. weisser wolf says:

      Never happen Marie…that would mean people would be held accountable for their behavior…don’t you know that’s “racist”?! Shut the project down?! Yeah right…at least if there is a project they are somewhat contained. Total geographic separation/segregation is the only thing that will work…

    2. Daniel says:

      Why should a landlord be responsible for its tenants behavior? If the building is run down and in squawler, the municipality should fine the landlord, but to blame a person for another person’s action? That’s absurd!

      Why would anyone who had the opportunity subject themselves or their kids to neighborhoods like this? You’re saying to stay and take pride in your home while you’re robbed, mugged, shot, etc. This is why people move away from bad areas, to better themselves, so that they are not brought down by the rest of the garbage.

  4. luckyguy says:

    WM is ghetto…..

  5. johnny69 says:

    Why weren’t they in bed sleeping on a work night? Fighting over “Who da baby daddy” matybe? How about this for a good idea: Arrest and conviction = NO WELFARE FOR YOU OR FAMILY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES!

  6. Joe says:

    Thank God for white neighborhoods!!!!!!

  7. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Here.. Bless THIS!

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