Attorney General Going After Scamming Roofers

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – They’ve operated under a half dozen company names, but the result has been the same.

Customers have complained about being ripped off by roofers who they say perform little or no work, but take the money and run.

KD Investigator Andy Sheehan exposed them and now the attorney general is taking action.

A few months ago, KDKA-TV showed you the evidence.

Repairmen allegedly fixed the roof on Knickerbocker Supply for $20,000.

However, the vents they put on their roof turned out not be vents at all. They were just dummies.

Sheehan spoke with Gary Griesinger, who said he contracted the same company – Able Roofing – to seal his driveway.

Father and son, Mario and Mitch Mitchell, took a down payment and never returned.

These victims are not alone. There are a half dozen unpaid judgments against Able Roofing, which the Mitchells have ignored.

Their last known business address is a house in Turtle Creek where sheriff’s deputies have repeatedly tried to serve notices to no avail.

“Forget about it. They’re like ghosts, you don’t see them. You try to call them. You deal with the son and they play off of one another,” Griesinger said.

Sheehan’s investigation showed that before operating under the name Able Roofing, the Mitchells have practiced under names called Dun-Rite Roofing, Able-1 Contracting and more recently, TNT Contacting.

After amassing complaints and judgments, they have simply changed their business name and kept on practicing.

Now, in response to KDKA-TV’s report, the state attorney general is taking action. Over the past few months, the Mitchells have ignored state subpoenas.

Now, the state has filed an action of default aiming to put the Mitchells out of business for good.

For now, the Mitchells remain elusive and it remains to be seen whether the state will be successful.

For now, they are urging the public to check to see whether a contractor is registered to do business and seek out references.


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One Comment

  1. Ron says:

    How about an investigation of Gillese Plumbing? They ARE NOT members of the BBB and have had numerous suits filed against them for ripping people off……Maybe they spend to much money at KD

    1. mark gillece says:

      I’ll rip your head off. How’s that sound? I’m the King of Plumbing. Everyone loves me.

      1. DON MINNASTRONE says:

        You might know who Ron is but I know who you are so you better watch making threats or you might be on the wrong end you mutt.

    2. Anonymous says:

      By the way, your threats and that’s what they are…very very unprofessional and it shows. I’m glad everyone gets to see your pathetic, uncalled for comments. Shame on you.

  2. frankie says:

    I thought your name was Tom?

  3. johnny69 says:

    Who let the kindergartners start posting comments? I agree throw these bums in jail how can they be that elusive if they are actively out there?

  4. Jonathan Ben says:

    Mario and Mitch Mitchell both father and son ripping people off. That’s a very big crime. They should get punished for what they are doing. It’s a very good article. Thanks for allocation.
    Tucson attorneys

  5. LisaG says:

    This is all well and good, but how about the CONSUMER who continually uses contractors for work but never pays???? I have a customer who owes me $4000 and I have been chasing them down for almost a year. I’m not the only one she’s done this to either…..there are several contractors (landscapers, fencing and draperies) who have had this same person contract work but never pay for services rendered. It’s always about the bad contractor who rips people off, but you never hear about the consumer who does the ripping off. You take them to court, the judge finds in your favor and they still don’t pay. All we ever hear is “you can’t get blood from a stone”. We need to bring back debtors prison! No Chapter 13 for people who live in $300,000 houses with multiple gamerooms, inground pools and season tickets to the Steelers! They should have to file Chapter 7 and liquidate all their assets and pay off their creditors!!!!

  6. LisaG says:

    And registering your business is a JOKE! It’s like trying to get rid of guns….the bad guys will get them one way or another. The contractors number is just another tax in this state, that’s all it is. $50 and you’ve got your number…..oh yeah, that will stop the bad guys.

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