WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) — The sky was clear, but an 11-year-old girl was struck by lightning.

This happened last Friday in Washington County.

The girl had just gotten out of her family’s swimming pool and was walking in her backyard. The lightning went in her shoulder and out through her arm which is now broken.

“More often than not it’s serious injury such as sudden death or cardiac arrest,” Dr. Thomas Pirosko, an emergency room physician at Washington Hospital, said. “So, if anyone is struck by lightning, you should obviously call 911 as soon as possible and get to your nearest emergency room.”

The girl’s father says they feel very fortunate that she is alive.

If you hear thunder, lightning is very likely close by, so seek shelter. Remember, it can hit you coming or going.

“And if you do hear that lightning, thunder and you’re doing activities outside, you need to wait at least a half an hour to resume your activities outside,” Dr. Pirosko said.

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