Pa. Mom Center Of Controversy After Boarding School Bus

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — A mother from central Pennsylvania is in the middle of a controversy over boarding a school bus that her child was on.

Tara Keener, a registered nurse and mother from Perry County, is in trouble for getting onto the school bus when she went to check on her child, who she believed was injured.

It is illegal in Pennsylvania for parents to get onto a school bus unless the bus driver gives specific permission to do so.

Now, Keener is fighting charges and a law that she says is just “plain wrong.”

“I’m upset that people are upset with me for trying to be a parent, to try to protect my child,” Tara Keener says, “I’m upset it’s gone this far. It’s a waste of tax payer dollars and my money to pursue this over a situation when I was trying to protect my son and see what was wrong with him.”

Jeffrey Engle, Keener’s attorney, talked with KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek on Wednesday about his client’s case.

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One Comment

  1. delia says:

    white or black, she should be permitted to attend to her child. Why are you making this a racial issue? I did not see where the mothers race was stated in this article.Why do you assume she was white? The bus driver was at fault.
    Maybe he was hispanic!

  2. JustSaying says:

    When I first read this article I thought ‘why shouldn’t she be able to get on the bus to check on her child? That’s a really dumb law!. Then I realized the commotion it would cause if the parents of all the kids on any given bus all tried to board at the same time. All of a sudden, it made some sense to me. It seems all she needed to do was ask the bus driver for permission to board and check on her child.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I agree 100% that she not be permitted to board the bus. First of all, the child as with all children need to learn to take care of themselves. If there were an issue the driver would address it. With the instability out there in parents today ..absolutely no parent should be permitted on our buses. This could scare other children or cause a situation to escalate.

      1. Lynn Hoover says:

        The child was 5 years old. The mother was doing what any responsible mother would do, moreso a mother who is an ER nurse and proficient in medical emergencies. Where’s the support for common sense?

  3. Lynn Hoover says:

    The bus driver should have supported the mother. The bus driver’s response to the mother shows poor judgement. I wouldn’t want this bus driver or this company driving my child anywhere. This is a waste of the family and taxpayer dollars. Very crass and cruel and unsustainable. No mother would hang back in the face of suspicions something was wrong with her child.

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