Bellevue Man Punches Woman During Road Rage Incident

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A road rage incident this afternoon in Ross Township resulted in the arrest of a man from Bellevue.

Donald Finnegan, 56, faces charges of harassment, simple assault, and careless driving, after police said he failed to yield the right-of-way to a woman driver and then got out of his car and punched her in the face.

The woman’s two small children, ages 8 and 10, sat in the back seat during the incident.

The 45-year-old woman was driving north on Babcock Boulevard and Finnegan was southbound.

At the intersection of Cemetery Lane, she had the green arrow on the traffic signal and was preparing to make a left hand turn, when police said he didn’t stop at the red light, turned right on Cemetery Lane, cutting her off.

“She beeped her horn at that time and he pulled off onto the side of Cemetery Lane and she’s reporting to us that she pulled in behind him and she states that at that time he got out of his car, walked back to her car, said to her, ‘I’m sick of people doing this,’ and punched her in the face,” Ross Township Detective Brian Kohlhepp said.

He then walked back to his car and drove off. The woman was treated by paramedics at the Ross Police Station.

KDKA Photographer Jeff Roupe: “You hit a lady in the face through a window?”

Finnegan: “Yes I did.”

Roupe: “You have no regrets about that?”

Finnegan: “Not when she’s cursing me, flipping me the bird and getting on my nerves.”


Roupe: “You punched a lady in the face because she beeped at you?”

Finnegan: “That’s correct. What’d she do? No she did a lot more. She [was] swearing at me, cursing at me, flipping the bird off and I had my … window down, my air conditioner don’t work and I could hear over my radio and everything, you know? You can only take so much abuse out here with no respect for no drivers.”

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One Comment

  1. JustSaying says:

    There’s only so much I can take from these confounded legal drivers gittin’ in my way whilst I’m in the middle of makin’ an illegal turn. Heck, I even had to run a red light to do it! Darn legal drivers, who do they think they are anyway!!!

    1. h8ter says:

      Maybe she will learn some want to act like a man get beat like one…dont hide behind that “im a woman” when you start a fight

  2. Mayor of GBD says:

    Actually, the person who failed to yield would be the one making the left turn across traffic! So, while she didn’t deserve to get punched in the face, SHE was in the wrong!

    § 3322. Vehicle turning left.
    The driver of a vehicle intending to turn left within an
    intersection or into an alley, private road or driveway shall
    yield the right-of-way to any vehicle approaching from the
    opposite direction which is so close as to constitute a hazard.

    So, if she had time to blow her horn, she should have stopped. HE was under no obligation to slow his speed or ulter his travel to avoid her.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Even if his light was red? She had the green light, so I would think she had the right of way.

      1. Mayor of GBD says:

        IF she had a turn arrow and he had a red light, then yes, he would be wrong…BUT if BOTH had a green light, SHE is wrong…PERIOD.

        Alos, WHY did she pull off the road behind him? Is she really that stupid?

      2. BGJ says:

        She had a turn arrow and he had a red light.

      3. Guess who says:

        Exactly… SHE had the green light!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Uhm, I believe the report indicated that the woman had a GREEN ARROW and the man had a RED LIGHT…therefore, the woman had the right of way and the man did not. The man is in the wrong…

    3. Anonymous says:

      listen when you have a green arrow to turn left , on coming traffic still has a red light when the green arrow goes to solid green light thats when you yeild to on coming traffic daaahhh

      1. Mayor of GBD says:

        The video didn’t load for me, so i did not hear the rpeort regarding the lights.

    4. Becky G says:

      It says clearly in the story she had the green arrow (meaning go) to make the turn and he ran a red light (meaning stop). He was under every obligation to stop and not run the red light. The regulations you put up would only apply at an intersection that isn’t being directed by traffic lights. Also she did stop, which is why he was able to make the turn w/o an accident happening and she was able to pull in behind him.

    5. andy says:

      actually no. In that intersection, the green arrow gave her the right of way.

    6. theresa says:

      wrong.she had the green ARROW to turn left , so SHE had the right of way, not him.

    7. scotty 501 says:

      your facts are totally wrong plus there is no excuse in hitting another driver especially a woman. hopefully she wil sue him and his lawyer will have a field day with the above video

    8. DoodleBug says:

      It said “she had the green arrow on the traffic signal and was preparing to make a left hand turn, when police said he didn’t stop at the red light”… Learn to read before you expect us to read your text please? She had a GREEN ARROW he had a RED LIGHT.

    9. drwho says:

      she had a green arrow. which means he had a red light. so she had the right of way.

    10. kerry says:

      she had an arrow you moron.therefore,she was right

    11. Anonymous says:


  3. Wilma says:

    How is Meatloaf?

    1. Mayor of GBD says:

      Great with mashed potatos and gravy!

    2. Omar says:

      He’s ok…. Just a little humid that night for him..

      1. Anonymous says:

        poor young lad such a wonderful chap

  4. batman says:

    i think this guy doing the right thing

    1. urdumbazz says:

      I think u dropped out of 3rd grade

  5. Chet says:

    Some Republican judge will let him off.

  6. Walter Sobchek says:

    the guy is my hero. I am sick of women acting out because they think they are bullet proof. I had a women beeping at me, repeatedly, because my car stalled, when i got out and yelled at her, she came at me like a meth addict going through withdrawal, her language was incredible, she was spitting, he husband had to restrain her. I took her picture with my cell phone, told her i was going to post it on the web, and then called 911. She left when she saw me dialing the police. she was over 60 yrs old. maybe she forgot to take her hypertension medication. Hey! and this guy had no airconditioning! And she stopped to confront him after he stopped – I am starting a legal defense fund for this guy !!!!

    1. DoodleBug says:

      Walter – honestly.. just because one person was mean to you, does not mean you should then have it out for same… Think about it… What if some guy does this to your mom or sister? The article said she had a green arrow and he went through a red. Does that mean he can punch her because she was angry over it? Regardless, it is assault.

    2. reason says:

      amen …treat her like you would any guy…its 2011 for godsake she earned it

  7. AParentof2 says:

    Why would she pull over with her two young children in the car??? That, IMO, is highly irresponsible. She should have taken his plate number and gone straight to the police station. She’s lucky she got away with just a punch..what would have happened if he had a gun, which is an all too common thing these days. Her and her kids could be dead.

    1. 2059 says:

      this is why i believe him, she saw it was an old dude and figured she could pull over and MF him and get away with it. Maybe she’ll think twice in the future.

  8. miller says:

    stupid lady, she deserved it

  9. Shannon says:

    He was kind of right, just think he lost his temper. People provoke, swear at people on the road and expect nothing in return. She probably provoked him.

    1. Anonymous says:

      How was he right? By running a red light, or by losing his temper and striking another human being who was still sitting in her car? I get frustrated with other drivers every day – doesn’t mean I’m going to pop someone in the jaw. If this guy can’t get a handle on his anger, he has no business being behind the wheel of a car. This week it’s running a red light and cutting someone off. Maybe next week he’ll get angry at the pedestrians crossing the street and decide to do something about that, too. “These damn pedestrians, walking in the middle of the street like they own it! I just can’t take it anymore!”

      I don’t get people who think that, just because they empathize with this guy, that somehow makes him “right” or makes it okay that he did it. I don’t care if this woman was calling him everything but a saint, you don’t start a physical altercation. It’s called impulse control – you’d think a grown man in his 50’s would have learned that by now, but apparently not. It’s a shame, since it’s one of the increasingly few things that separates us from the beasts. Nobody respects or cares about others – it’s all me, me, me. Get in my way or do something that annoys me and I’ll make you pay. Very responsible behavior from a grown man.

    2. Becky G says:

      He ran a red light, got cursed out by the driver he cut off by running the red light and he then punches the driver in the face because she had the audacity to show some anger at his actions. GTFOH If you can’t keep your temper on the road, especially when it’s your actions causing the problems, you don’t need to be driving. Hope you don’t show any anger to the wrong person on the road when you get cut off, karma may cause them to shoot and kill you and then someone will post that you probably provoked it.

  10. Joe says:

    i wish he had cut me off! I would have drug him out through the window by his nut sack and fixed all his problems for good right there.!

    1. Rmoan says:

      Lot’s of tuff talk idiot.

  11. Larry says:

    One of the best statements I ever heard was from a State Trooper when he told me that people in Pennsylvania are mistaken when they think they have a drivers license. They have a license to operate a motor vehicle. Most of them DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE! I whole heartedly agree. I am the victim of a PA driver that actually thought red lights at a four way intersection did not apply to him and ran me down in a crosswalk. It did not help that the Pittsburgh Police Officer at the scene did not even write him a ticket or talk to the number of witnesses at the scene. It should be just as hard to get a drivers license as it is to get a pilots license.

    1. duh says:

      bro… people from other countries that cant even speak english can get a pilots license

  12. rar says:

    You must always stop first before you turn right on red.I see many people violate this.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You would be surprised at exactly how many people do not know basic driving laws….and laws of common sense. I think it was completely irresponsible for her to stop behind the guy, especially with the kids in the car

    2. Anonymous says:

      rar – where does it say she did not stop on her green arrow? HE ran a red – and if she had a green arrow, it means his red had been red when he went under it and not yellow.

  13. tim says:

    why did she stopped with 2 kids in car? and swearing at him?

  14. raul says:

    The female drivers name wasnt Mandie by any chance, was it?

  15. Cemetery Lane Burial For Idiots says:

    Think twice before approaching another persons vehicle for they might pull out a firearm and shoot you and leave you there dead.
    Legally you cannot claim self defense especially when you blared your horn at them
    but that may not matter to some, I’m just saying.
    Being at Cemetery Lane they may just bury you there now be nice and get over it.

  16. johnny69 says:

    This tough guy punched a woman. Anybody that punches a woman (no matter what she allegedly did) is a coward. People who defend cowards are also cowards. He has some jail time coming, and I hope all of you that defended him someday get yours as well. What goes around comes around, I love it when all of you bad guys (and you ARE bad people for siding with a coward, I wonder if your kids are cowards too?) get theirs in the end…just like in a good movie (even you cowards don’t realize that you are the bad people, do you?)

    1. Mayor of GBD says:

      If it’s he first offense, simple assault carries a $750 fine. Chalk this up to experience mom (women) if you talk like a man, you’ll get popped like a man…and with the kids in the car? You are a moron.

      1. Anonymous says:

        dats some fine speaking shoot it lizabeth

    2. Johnny69Stinks says:

      How come you have such a dumb handle for your name? Go back to your XBOX 360.

  17. Me says:

    First, why did she pull over when he did – stupid is as stupid does….

    Second, I can’t tell you how many times doing this has crossed my mind when I’m at an intersection in rush hour with cars stopped at the other side and some idiot behind me repeatedly beeps the horn (I’m not going to end up being the one blocking the crossing traffic when the light turns red just so this person can move up 2 car lengths) OR when someone beeps there horn at me when I’m stopped because pedestrians are crossing in front of my car (now honestly, am I just supposed to run the people over?)…….

    1. Brandy says:

      Not yet… Open season on pedestrians dos’nt start untill Aug. 1st.

  18. tai says:

    rar you are right

  19. Blossie says:

    What I have been seeing more often is that people are passing cars on the right (on the berm of the road) at intersections. It is only time that someone will get killed at an intersection. No one seems to know that it is illegal.

    1. Anonymous says:

      They know. They just don’t care. If a law of the road conflicts with what they want, they will simply ignore it because it’s in their way, they’re in a hurry, and by god they’re far more important than anyone else out there.

  20. Reason says:

    Both of those people are idiots with road rage. What he did was wrong and what she did was dumb.

    1. Becky G says:


  21. SO ICEY says:

    He Gucci Mane’d her…. look it up on youtube “Gucci Mane Punches woman” its a black dude hitting a black woman at a club…… Just watch it its pretty wild!!!!

  22. Joey says:

    As stated earlier, I’m sure she saw that he was older and thught she could just MF him. Why did she have to pull over? He might be jerk but so is she. She should she get charged too.

    Anyone who stop to confront someone, especially with young children, is very dumb and ignorant. The woman is quite a jerk like him for punching her.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Of course he did nothing wrong. A man thing sometimes. Everyone should get out of his way, apparently he had something important to do.

    He has no excuse, he is the one who almost caused an accident and gets what abuse he deserves

  24. Rick says:

    Judging from the eloquent speech patterns, I’d say the guy must have made it all the way to the ninth grade.

    He’s 100% at fault and should see the inside of a cell for a weekend.

    What a loser.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What kills me: is that the majority of the comments are about the traffic law which was broken by one or both of the drivers. Where is the concern for a “man” punching a woman in the face? NO MAN SHOULD LAY THEIR HANDS ON A WOMAN UNLESS IT IS SELF DEFENSE!

  26. He's an Inbred Moron says:

    So what,am I supposed to care ? because I don’t

  27. LARRY says:

    So the traffic light story is HER story. If she is going to act like and ass she should expect to be treated like one. She placed her kids ion danger by pulling over behind this man and verbally abusing him. She should be arrested for endangering the welfare of a child. He should not have punched her-but she wouldn’t stop ‘ringing his bell’.

Comments are closed.

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