Police To Hold Sobriety Checkpoints In South Hills, West End

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Police will be on the lookout for impaired drivers this weekend.

Authorities will set up sobriety checkpoints in addition to roving DUI patrols beginning tonight between 11p.m. and 4 a.m. in the South Hills and West End sections of the city.

Pittsburgh’s DUI Task Force along with state police, PennDOT’s Western Alliance and numerous local departments are trying to reduce the number of DUI related incidents.

  • Anonymous

    I hear improving public transportation helps

  • Duh

    Why do they tell the drunks where NOT to drive?

    • Duh

      Why do they pull over 99.9% of the people for searches for doing nothing wrong?

  • Steve

    They need to stop these DUI checkpoints as (noted above), nearly ALL people pulled over for no reason are innocent. Instead, they need to stiffen the penalties of those that are truely drunk so that they don’t do it again. There are too many repeat offenders. The reason for lowering the limit to .08 and not being tough on punishment is to make money as opposed to stopping the accidents/deaths from drunk drivers. There are too many reports of repeat offenders….make the punishment harsh enough that they wouldn’t do it once, let alone multiple times.

  • Critter

    Maybe they are looking for Rendel

  • Mayor of GBD

    I have to drive when I’m too drunk to walk!

  • Ralph

    Drink up people, you don’t go to jail unti you get 15 DUI’s

  • Devil's Advocate

    DUI are stupid. Its like punishing someone before they commit a crime. I am all for an extremely harsh punishment if you are drunk and kill or injure someone but why should you be punished just for driving drunk. You are punished for carrying a gun, you are punished when you use that gun to kill or injure someone. Some people can have a few drinks and still drive safely, they don’t deserve to have their lives ruined by a dui. Besides, its not like there are buses or subways in Pittsburgh to get you home from the bar. Maybe all the money they rake in from these duis should go towards funding public transportation.

  • Capt. Real

    How about an automatic jail term of 5 years minimum. And it doesn’t matter if you are famous, have deep pockets, are connected, etc. If deals are cut because someone knows someone, throw the people who helped out in jail too. Get serious and people won’t get behind the wheel.

  • Anonymous

    entrapment! violation of rights

  • critter

    South Hills is not the city.

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