Bethel Park Pizzeria Break-In Suspect Caught On Surveillance Video

BETHEL PARK (KDKA) — An overnight break-in at a pizzeria in Bethel Park is under investigation.

The owner of the business says a large sum of money was taken, but the suspect was caught on surveillance tape during the incident.

Workers at Fellini’s Pizzeria got a surprise when they opened for business this morning. Officials say someone broke in through the back door and stole $2,000.

“He waited for my manager to leave; he busted the door down, went up to the register, took our safe, took the keys. He was in an out,” said Dan Labutis, the owner of the pizza shop.

Labutis says the burglar knew the keys to the safe were inside the cash register and where to find the safe, which was hidden.

“He knew what he was doing up there, you know what I mean. He was in and out of here in what, a minute,” he said. “It may be a former employee, but I generally have an idea who it is.”

Authorities say the suspect did not cover his face or hide his identity.

“His face is on the camera, but I don’t know why he robbed me, you know what I mean,” Labutis said.

Labutis says he believes the burglar may be a former employee who was fired recently and was in need of money. No other property inside the business was damaged.

He says it’s the only incident they’ve had there in three years.

The owner says he plans to make immediate changes in security as a result of the break-in. He’s also hoping Bethel Park police make an immediate arrest once they view the video surveillance tape.

Bethel Park Police Department
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One Comment

  1. Nadia says:

    and people think that the Bethel park-S Hills area is so safe…

  2. luckyguy says:

    Bethel Park is ghetto!!!

  3. eazytime says:

    Hey , Bethel is not up with the elite communities, Look at Peter’s township, they have a cat house right on route 19.

  4. Ima Kno says:

    Peters is full of Botox woman who drink wine all dat at their book clubs while their kids shoot heroin

  5. Christine says:

    I live in Upper St. Clair, which is surrounded by Peters and Bethel, and all of these areas are relatively safe. By the sound of this article, it indicates that because the person knew where the keys were located, that it was a former employee. How can an incident like this deem an area unsafe? I can walk down my street and not worry about being shot in a drive-by, so I, too, will take the suburbs over the city any time.

    1. Jerry says:

      Yeah, but since USC has no sidewalks you could get run over by some wached up teen in a BMW

      1. Kris says:

        You could, but I’ll take my chances on that versus getting shot for no reason in the city.

  6. Lanny says:

    Baldwin has all the South Hills suburbs beat for white trash and bros and hos

    1. thomas says:

      Aint that the truth! I’m 57 years old and still get a hard time from those idiots because I went to Bethel Park high school.

  7. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Isn’t it odd that this is news but a RIOT in E. Liberty gets ABSOLUTELY no coverage?????? WONDER WHY????

  8. Hit Boy says:

    The Target that the animals trashed in E Liberty wouldn’t be that NEW one that has been open for about 2 weeks would it????

  9. Daniel says:

    Century III is a trashy area – used to be top of the line, but now it is blight with all of the vacant storefronts.

    1. Hit Boy says:

      Refuse to go to Century III nothing but trash roaming around, garbage stores. I witnessed, a while back, three punks ripping off a jewelry store. The store has closed now…..wonder why???

  10. Hit Boy says:


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