PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Authorities are investigating after several vehicles were recently struck by rocks and damaged along a busy local roadway.

Authorities say the rocks were thrown at vehicles entering the northbound ramp of Route 28 at Millvale. Drivers didn’t know what hit them.

“I had my windows down, the radio on, the next thing I know I just hear this loud bang,” said Ken Finn, one of the victims. “Honestly, it sounded like a shotgun going off, hitting my window.”

Up to 20 cars were hit by rocks; at least one had its windshield shattered. At the point where they were hit, the cars likely were going close to 50 miles an hour.

“The danger of it is what really got me thinking today,” Finn said. “I have two kids and I could have been with my wife and kids. It could have been a lot worse; somebody could be killed very easily.”

The rocks were thrown from the area of the railroad tracks below the highway. Finn believes there were at least two rock throwers since his car was hit twice in rapid succession.

Both the Shaler and Millvale Police Departments are investigating, but Finn hopes the vandals think about the danger they are causing.

“There’s other things to do out there for fun. I just think messing around on a highway where people are going 50 to 60 miles per hour is a little much,” added Finn. “I think they should think about it pretty hard before they do it again.”

No description of the suspects has been released, but anyone with information on the case is being asked to call the Shaler or Millvale Police Departments.

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