Group Of Teens Cause Problems In East Liberty

EAST LIBERTY (KDKA) – Police are investigating after a group of roughly 100 teenagers allegedly caused some problems in East Liberty Sunday afternoon.

For most people who came to Mellon Park on Sunday, the Annual Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Picnic was a day of food, fun and fellowship.

“I think the bigger news story was 6,000 to 8,000 people came through and got free food. We gave away [televisions], bikes, Kennywood tickets,” Rev Benjamin Calvert said.

It was also a day of trouble for about a hundred teenagers who attended the free community event. They got into a fight away from the church picnic grounds on the basketball court.

“The police were called, police broke it up, children moved. Police went there, broke it up, children kept fighting,” Mark Dixon said.

The bad behavior continued from Mellon Park down Penn Avenue to the McDonald’s, then to Trader Joe’s nearby. Nearly 100 teenagers were being loud, rude and obnoxious.

Charles Flewellen witnesses displays like this often.

“With the area being upgraded there, should be more police officers and there’s not,” Flewellen said.

Finally the unruly teens went into the new Target store.

Paulette Reed , a customer, was upset by their actions.

“I don’t like to see my African-American children carry on like that,” Reed said.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, there was little or no property damage and only a few people were arrested.

The manager of Target praised police for keeping things under control.


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One Comment

  1. Ray says:

    There is your answer right there. More and more are we seeing large groups of teen minorities band together to form roaming gangs.

    1. HUMMMM says:

      The minorities now are white males….I dont really see that happening!

  2. Hit Boy says:

    Minor Problems?? Some people called it a RIOT and dozens of police were called. Doesn’t sound minor. And isn’t that the NEW Target they trashed??

  3. bob says:

    let me get this straight, `100 African American teenagers roaming the streets is a MINOR problem..I drove by the scene yesterday and there was also about 100 cars parked illegally on the street but not one ticket on the windshield..Maybe the police didnt due anything because they would of been called racist by the black community,,unbelievable.

    1. Voiceof Reason says:

      Amen!…Jordan MIles…Jordan Miles….I dont figure you will see the police touching any black kids any time soon! Can’t blame them either !

      1. Andrew Hilty says:

        That was so well put. We lost the best officers in the street to a kid who made up a bunch of lies…How quick we are to judge people…and punish them just for being the wrong color when people make a fuss…I agree, if I was a white cop I wouldn’t touch anyone…look what happened to the best guys !

      2. mair says:

        First of , I do think that those officers who assaulted Jordan has done that before, because they were comfortable with the (3)of them jumping on him so easily, and you Andrew Hilty those were not best guys they were bullies with badges.

      3. Water boy says:

        Hey mair I think I has heard stupid talk like that before…Maybe yous should goes to schools and learns how to talk in the english language…

      4. mair says:


      5. mair says:


      6. Water Boy says:

        THIS IS HOW I TALK TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!! IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE I AM SO EDUCATED…isn’t always the dummies that have to defend how supposedly educated they are????

      7. mair says:

        NO just the facts.

      8. mair says:

        NO just the facts, Waterboy

    2. Nikki says:

      Actually, I drove by too and if you’re talking about 5th avenue you can park there on Sunday. Kind of odd but not illegal…

    3. Tina Ash says:

      For the record I went to school with David Sisak, one of the 3 cops accused of beating Jordan Miles, and he was one of the nicest and most genuine people I ever met…I wish he worked back here where we live.

      1. Dag says:

        Ditto, when I heard the story was about him I knew it was a lie….KA class of 94 forever!

      2. whatsthepoint says:

        well for the record, I went to school with JORDAN MILES and he IS one of the nicest and most genuine people I ever met. I wish that night had never happened. Not going to start an argument, but seriously? Don’t be naive about the situation. It is very clear what happened. SMH it’s a shame that people think Jordan is lying. Have you SEEN the pictures ??? I guess it has to hit closer to home for some people to see what kind of world we live in. -nuff said.

      3. mair says:


      4. Sam94 says:

        Mair your quick to judge people you dont know and didnt grow up with…Sounds like you are one of the NAACP people who are right even when they are wrong…Why did 2 grand jurys clear the 3 officers? Grand juries indict over 90 percent of the time…Its because jordan is a liar. His friend even testified he was at the grand jury!

      5. dancingqueen says:

        I went to school with Jordy and he is a straight Sneek…He will get in trouble again, just like his brother.

    4. BEE says:

      The parking was not illegal… Particularly on Sundays and with a parking variance for the event… FYI

  4. Bob123 says:

    Do you think this would happen in Hampton? Ross? Shaler? Sewickly?

  5. Will says:

    I am a person of mixed decent (German, African American, Latino and Native American) and I am sick and tired of what the black and/or inner city communities are becoming with violence, drugs and other crimes. It is out of control, disgusting and has spread to the suburbs. I grew up in the Beltzhoover section of the city back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and it was beautiful then. My family later relocated to Monroeville. Not long ago in Monroeville, African Americans were shooting at All Night Bowling and even the Wave Pool at Boyce Park. The Penn Hills School district is a joke and pathetic. My daughter has been attacked by other students there several times. When does it all stop?

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:

      In the 60’s we all walked through Knoxville and Beltzhoover to get to SHHS every day. I had friends that lived on Beltzhoover Ave. Now I wouldn’t walk through either area without an armored car. Shame on YOU!

      1. Will says:

        I truly miss those days. What a shame. I also went to and walked to SHHS. Not long ago, I drove through those areas one day and almost came to tears to see what Beltzhoover, Knoxville and Mt. Oliver have become. It is truly sad and a tragedy.

    2. johnny69 says:

      I pack heat. I REFUSE to let them decide whether or not I live. I will turn it around on them, and they will NOT like my decision to answer with much OVERPOWERING ferocity. You go ahead and cry about these people making you a victim.

      1. Bloomfield Mike says:

        Go ahead and see if they dont try to INDICT you like they did the officers who used to work in this area! >>>>And you wonder why this is happening???

    3. mair says:


      1. mairisdumb says:

        Will my name is mair I know everythng, and anybody who doesnt agree with me is wrong..Oh and the suburbs have just as many drugs as the city…because I said so thats why! I’m right ..and your wrong…forever…no take backs….

      2. mair says:

        You are the type of person who wish they were another, too bad you are Black in the eyes of your peers.

      3. mair is a turd says:

        its better than being stupid in the eyes of everyone !

  6. Really??? says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else bothered by the comment, “I don’t like to see my African-American children carry on like that.”? I am a white woman and I don’t like to see any children carry on like that! As a parent it saddens me how many youth today of all races are raised with a sense of entitlement and lack of respect for adults and their community.

    What I find said is it appears this church tried to do something nice for their community. They took pride in what they did.

    1. EJH19 says:

      I completely agree. I saw that line in the story, and my mouth dropped. I don’t know if this was meant to spark readership by including this awful quote in the article or not, but it got my attention enough to post a reply. Children “carrying on” everywhere is a problem.

      I have lived near Penn Ave most of the 5 years I’ve lived in Pittsburgh, and I hate to say I am not at all surprised. It’s just a shame it happened while a church group was fellowshipping across the street and inside of a brand new store, meant to revitalize the area.

    2. jeeperz says:

      I agree 100%. So its OK for white kids to act that way? I say its not ok for ANYONE to act that way.

  7. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Just don’t know what it’s going to take to wake people UP!

    1. Brian Moore says:

      Hey Will, the problem here is there is no black middle class, and there never will be, so every time someone sees someone black around the city they are acting stupid and Ghetto and making the rest of us look like animals….Its sickining…thats why the descent black families move out…and dont get me started on that whiter than white Tim Stevens who exploits blacks to push his agenda…He doesnt live in the ghetto and never will….Why does anyone listen to that racist????

      1. Will says:

        I hear ya Brian. You make some valid points. But my mother’s family is an example of black middle class with doctors, nurses, CNA’s. attorneys, psychologists, teachers, business owners, retirees, law enforcement, professional athletes and all spread throughout her family. They all went to CMU, Robert Morris and Pitt. My mother is retired from Highmark. She was an office manager at the Monroeville branch and has a Masters in Christian Ministries. My sister has a Master’s Degree in Political Law and is in Law School in Wisconsin now; she also used to be Dan Onorato’s Executive Assistant. There is black middle class but I am not sue how much. 🙂

      2. mair says:


  8. AWG1 says:

    And this was a free community event sponsored by a church? The parents have to take more responsibility for raising their children to act like this as teenagers. When there’s a riot anywhere it makes the people less likely to want to go there to shop too.

    1. Father Flannery says:

      Why didn’t the church bring their own security if the was a chance that a riot would break out? We don’t have gang fights at the parish carnival and we drink

  9. Z5 says:

    Your right! after the Jordan Miles thing proactive policing is over in the city…Let people do what they want then go pick up the pieces….Thats what the community wanted…now you have it! DEAL WITH IT !

    1. Z5popo says:

      PS send mike rick and dave back…we miss them

  10. Dave says:

    First of all, the Jordan MIles case has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what transpired on Sunday. You’re talking apples to oranges. These kids decided on their own to be disruptive. This goes back to the lack of family values and integrity. When you’re accustomed to receiving handouts all of your life, you come to expect that this is how life is. Why work for anything if it is going to be given to me. If it isn’t given to you, then they just take it. This is the mentality of these kids. Until the government stops giving away the store, this type of conditioning will continue.

  11. JustSaying says:

    The ‘days gone by’ that some are lamenting included a family unit consisting of a Father (not in prison), a Mother (not on crack) and children (not gang-bangers) that were taught respect for others. This is not color-specific, whites, blacks, hispanic, asian, etc. ALL had those close-knit family units which also included church in most cases. Our society has degraded so much it’s hard to imagine it can be fixed. Too many government programs to keep people from being responsible for their own destiny.

    1. Dave says:

      Everything you just alluded to is considered conservative values. Race doesn’t make a difference, it’s in the teaching and environment of the family unit, and by familly, I mean a stable father and mother. Without family values and stability, these kids don’t stand a chance. Being raised in the church is also a conservative value, and one that makes a difference in a child’s life. Unless this country goes back to placing God, family and work as its top three priorities, and in that order, we are doomed.

      1. JustSaying says:

        Dave, thank you for re-stating everything I said. I did not ‘allude’ to anything, I said it straight out including the fact that this is NOT a race issue, it’s a family values thing!

    2. Seeking balance says:

      I conur. It’s never the individuals fault – somehow it’s the crowd, the community, the parents – seriously, you break the law, you get locked up! Monsters of all races/genders/etc.. Kids value NOTHING except their own stuff!!!

      1. Dave says:

        Just Saying, I agree 100% with what you stated. I think you may have misunderstood my comment.

    3. mair says:

      Now here is a person of reason.

  12. Blahhh says:

    First of all, not shocking that the NEW Target Store was targeted already, in fact, I was waiting to see how long until I heard that one. Second, the little girl on the TV that was “afraid for her life” because the police had tasers. She knew the WHOLE story didn’t she. If she was afraid and not involved, she would have left the area as soon as it started. She followed them around because she was nosy and could see what kind of trouble she could start. Makes me SICK!

  13. Not Surprised says:

    Gotta ruin EVERYTHING — parks, housing, shopping malls, neighborhoods — guess they have no idea what the Sabbath Day is. Now I understand what my parents meant when I was a kid . . . “There goes the neighborhood.” Shameful — no respect, no self-respect, irresponsible parents = irresponsible kids. Such a disgrace.

  14. Cobalt says:

    They need to start throwing these punks in adult jail and stop protecting them. They want to break the law let them suffer for it like the big boys do.

  15. Target's Mistake says:

    It won’t take long for Target to realize that they made a BIG mistake in selecting this location for their new store. Hope they have PLENTY of insurance cause they’re gonna need it thanks to the five finger discount often utlized by this demographic. Won’t be long before it’s destroyed by graffiti and theft. The politicians can call it whatever they want — East Side or whatever — it’s ALWAYS going to be known as ‘sliberty. And you can see how well the residents took care of that community — you’d think they were raised in a barn.

    1. Seeking balance says:

      I concur. This is where communities have to take RESPONSIBILITY – especially with their kids. They complain that there are no stores or retail options there, but look what happens when one is built. It’s sad…. Honestly the beasts raised in the barn are a lot less dangerous than what appears to have gone on there!

  16. mike says:

    i work in east liberty and this is nothing new. sit by the park on penn circle and watch the show every friday and saturday night. these kids have no respect for anyone or anything . young parent smoking weed while thier kids are playing.shootings , beatings,carjackings , i have seen it all and yes i have broke up alot of them . SAD TRUTH

  17. JS says:

    Im really sickened by all the comments from the cops that assaulted jordan miles to the fact that this is how black people act. Everyone grow up and accept that we are all different and no race is better or worse.

    Whats wrong is wrong. The police did assault him because he was in a neighborhood that is a high crime area. Still doesnt explain why a piece of a branch and his hair was pulled off his head. I don’t remember that as a textbook arrest. I don’t care if you grew up with him or know the police that were involved in that incident. They overstepped their boundaries. There are good cops out there. I have witnessed their professionalism. At the same time there are some very bad ones. Choosing sides is very childish, see it from both sides for once and not as our parents have.

    Everyone has their own issues and problems. Keep your own persnal experience to yourself because not all races are what you stereotype.

    The point is if you are not educated you will do dumb acts. If you are educated you will make smart decisions most of the time. But given that I assume that some people on here are educated, they seem to still make comments about things they do not know or understand. Seems like we havent gotten far from idea of judging people not by there skin but by their character.

    Thats my two cents.

    1. Facts says:

      Well the feds, dept of justice and several other agencies investigated, and THERE WAS NO WRONG DOING ON THE PART OF THE 3 OFFICERS….Period…so dont say there was. your just plain wrong!

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