PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A teenager who is accused of stabbing a Port Authority bus driver will stand trial for the attack; and authorities added two new charges in connection with the June 30th attack.

Police say William Holt, 18, stabbed Port Authority driver Courtney Sloan, 47, after Sloan asked him to stop bothering passengers on the 67 Monroeville bus.

During a preliminary hearing this morning, Sloan testified that he tried to kick Holt and other passengers off the bus after they caused a commotion. After an altercation, the driver claims Holt stabbed him.

“These charges show the seriousness with which the district attorney’s office is taking an assault on a public servant,” Prosecutor Laura Ditka told KDKA. “These people are just out trying to do their jobs. And if you have a beef with the bus driver the last thing you should do is pull a knife and cause serious injury.”

Sloan says he has not yet returned to work and still needs further medical treatment.

Despite prosecutor’s claims that the attack was captured on surveillance video, no such evidence was presented in court today.

Defense attorney Orne Bey says the prosecution failed to prove that his client actually stabbed Mr. Sloan.

“It’s not clear to me — even based on the testimony today,” Bey added, “that anyone went after the bus driver. In fact, I think there’s a stronger case that the bus driver went after my client.”

A judge, however, ordered Holt to stand trial on the charges including attempted criminal homicide and aggravated assault. Authorities also added two additional charges of criminal mischief and possessing instruments used in a crime.

No court date has been set.

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