Congressman Doyle Talks About His “Tea Party Terrorists” Remarks

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — During a closed-door caucus meeting on the debt ceiling Monday, Congressman Mike Doyle, from Pennsylvania, likened negotiating with Republican Tea Party members to dealing with terrorists, to which Vice President Joe Biden was said to agree.

Congressman Doyle said: “We have negotiated with terrorists. This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

Congressman Doyle talked exclusively to KDKA AM’s Larry and John about his remarks and the controversy it has created.

Congressman Mike Doyle
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  • Anonymous

    If anyone is wondering why Pittsburgh is in the shape it is in, this clown should be the poster child for what is wrong with the voters here. Keep pulling that “D” lever, it has worked SO well so far.
    I swear if a Pittsburgh-er ever voted for a non democrat,m they would spontaneously combust!

    • Fran

      Agree completely. Grew up and lived there, but came to see and understand it more when living in other parts of the country. My relatives wonder when I am moving back to the “burgh”. Back then, I too followed blindly and WAS a Democrat as everyone in my family was. They said, that they were looking out for the working man. Right? They pay so many taxes to so many different government levels, that they complain and do nothing about it. The Democrats in the Steel Valley allowed the loss of its mainstay industry and now those locations are ruined neighborhoods. There are better places to live and prosper and no I do not miss the potholes. The people in the Tea party are not terrorists, as this guy proclaimed. He is just ignorant.

    • working for a living

      So true, how can people keep voting these clowns back in office. they act like it’s their money and if they need more, just take it from us without anyone asking why.\

    • Lou Gagliardi

      Yknow, it’s just as easy to replace “Keep pulling that *D” lever” with “Keep pulling that *R* lever..”

      The GOP isn’t as innocent as people would like to believe–in fact, I believe on Party of No member called Obama a ‘tar baby’ recently.

      • ok

        and ?????

  • Anonymous

    What an idiot. His party comes out with all these “we have to be civil” stuff after Congresswoman Giffords was shot. But anyone who disagrees with his “spend till we are BROKE nonsense” is a terrorist? Who elects these spending rats, I mean democrats

  • Bill

    Mike Doyle is another example of what’s wrong with our federal govt. No self control.

  • Dominick Gambino

    God forbid the government can’t spend our money

  • Anonymous

    Hooray for him…he’s right! He’ll keep getting my vote!

  • Idiots Galore

    “Congressman Doyle said: “We have negotiated with terrorists. This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.””

    Really?? You people have spent WAY more than enough money.


    Hooray for him…he’s right! He’ll keep getting my vote!”

    I hope you like the a $ $ reaming you are going to get! Keep on voting for idiots.

    • Anonymous

      Amazingly anybody who does what they are elected to do and that is to protect the American tax paying citizen’s interest is called a terrorist. The terrorists are both the Dems & Reps they take our money and hold us hostage. Unfortunatel there are people out there who think that they are owed something. THe Tea Party is the closest thing to someone finally trying to watch out for us, and anybody who thinks they are owed something I have a one way ticket to the Socialist country of their choice.

      • Lou Gagliardi

        Okay Anonymous.

        Then quit using the following:

        -public library
        -fire,police, and EMT
        -public roads
        -public transporation
        -quit paying into Soc. Security. Seriously, tell your employer you’re not a Socialist so you want ALL of your money at the end of the day.

        Oh yeah, and quit using the Internet.

        ALL of those things are “socialist”. The United States has been a “socialist” nation since the 1930s, and everything worked fine until the Tea Terro..oh wait, better not saying that! I’ll get accused of hating ‘Merica.

      • pepperlane

        ‎1.) Since 1969, the federal budget has been balanced in only 4 fiscal years.
        2.) All four times—1998, 1999, 2000, 2001—Republicans controlled Congress.
        3,) In 60 years, the Republicans only had the chance to balance the budget 6 times.
        4.) The first 2 years, they reduced the overspending, the next 4 they balanced the budget.
        = obviously it CAN be done, but Repub’s are the ONLY ones who balanced the budget.
        During those six years, Lou, we had the public library
        -fire,police, and EMT
        -public roads
        -public transporation
        and Soc. Security
        We just had them in a safe and sane manner

  • Dominick Gambino

    Mike’s comments were clearly taken out of context but this whole debt limit drama is furthering the lack of confidence that anyone in DC cares about the efficient and responsible workings of government. This issue and our current economic condition needs imaginative thinking and not the same old liberal views vs conservative views thing.

    No offense to anyone but Increasing taxes on any group of Americans , rich or poor, while not taking a closer look at reducing wasted spending, can’t possibly be the only answer. It will stifle the American way of making sure we are at the lead of whatever new economic revolution or tech revolutions (not just military) the world is going to experience.

    I would gladly see my tax dollars going to advancing the next generation of technology instead of political feel good agendas and quite frankly feel that neither party represents my views.

    I joined the Democratic Party in the 70s because I felt at the time it was the party that believed that everyone deserves a chance to create their own American Dream. I was not offended by an open competitive market where anyone can receive a good EDUCATION, make themselves marketable to shine and financially thrive and help create jobs for others. I do not see them as demons.

    Its never that easy to define either side.

    The Tea Party folks seem to be only interested in pushing an agenda without any regard to the consequences.

    Where does that leave a person who just wants a robust and efficient government structure?

    Just a view from afar…….I am sure that the realities inside the beltway are far more complex but maybe the answers are more simple than we think…..

    • ed

      Can you tell us the agenda “mike” is pushing. Forget it, you don’t have to, we have been witnessing every day. No consequences? Check the performance of the market since these clowns started this circus! If the Tea Partyers are terrorists, I say we nedd a hell of a lot more of them!! Clean house in November – both sides of the aisle!

  • Rick

    Rep. Doyle is right. The Tea Baggers are a bunch of overgrown babies who always must get their way, refuse to compromise and reek of intolernance.

    • workingforliving

      overgrown babies who always must get their way? sounds like Pelosi (have to pass the bill to see whats in it?) healthcare bill or the most insane person Harry the boring Reid..their way or no way dems…sorry but the Tea Party is only going to get stronger that’s our heritage we need to take this country back from the insane….

  • RWG

    I think it is vital that we strive to cut spending for seniors’ healthcare while at the same time we protect Exxon (which paid no taxes in 2010) and the other corporate giants that are sucking the economy dry by not paying their fair share. (for those in the Tea Party that’s called irony)
    Anyone who votes R who earns less than 100,000.00 is a fool.

  • Anonymous

    I happen to agree w/ Mike Doyle. I would think that he is very frustrated with the outcome of this debt ceiling situation. My spouse has a term for folks like the “Tea Party,” and others of their ilk, who unyieldingly refuse to compromise/recognize there are many sides to a situation. That term is “One way street.” I’d like to add, by the U.S. govt. (via the “corporate politicians” & the religious fundamentalists (Dominionists, etc.) refusing to have the ultra-rich and corporations pay their fair share of the tax load , while making cuts to essential social programs (health insurance, pre-K education, both of which SAVE money) at the Fed & State levels, and raising unemployment by laying off workers across the U.S., are working to destroy progress & return us to their idea of the 19th century. If that makes them domestic terrorists, Mr. Doyle has a point!
    And fed GOP, where are the jobs you promised to create? Working on legislation to promote fluorescent light bulbs, and policing the bedrooms of the U.S.A. do not count as job creation.

  • Anonymous

    Please correct fluorescent to read iincandescent light bulbs.

  • R. Meissner

    So much for kinder and more gentle interaction with others!!! NOTHING is solved with remarks and tags like those of Rep. Doyle.

  • The Pinner

    Alright Mike!! Agreed.

  • John Paul McCarroll

    It’s clearly divide and conquer at work. All of you who argue on either side are guilty of it. Big business is large and in charge. Upgrade your grey matter people!

  • Daniel

    Doyle is a complete dolt! You don’t make remarks like that, even in frustration or jest. And the U.S. cannot keep giving the store away. Pretty soon there isn’t going to be anything left to give away, and then this great, powerful country that our forefathers gave up everything for, will be lost. How sad.

  • Phil

    So iet me get this straight. If some one wants to put limits on what the governement can take and spend they are a terrorist. If that’s the case well then sign me up!!!

  • walt

    I like how the bafoon used the word “Republican” teaparty. He is so far removed from the guy on the street, with his noise up Pelosi’s arse that he doesn’t know the tea party is also made up of Dems, i know I am one!!!!!!

  • Rick and Mike Doyle Crybaby Incorperate

    Rick up above the only crybaby is your COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT SELF.

  • Joe George

    When the Tea Party completes their transition of America back to the America we had in 1776, it will look like we had just survived WWIII…..tent cities for the poor, crumbling bridges, seniors dying in the street, lawlessness all over, kids no longer being schooled and countless people committing suicide…..yeah, they are terrorists.

  • RandyRandyTime

    “Tea Party Terriorists ” or ” Tea Party Gestapo” or “Tea Party Idiots” Need i go on?

  • Dave

    You can say what you want about the Tea Party, but at least they are willing to take a stand for something, regardless of what the popular thing to do is. I give them credit. They remind me a lot of the ‘rebels’ in 1776 who took a stand against its then government because they were sick and tired of being taxed to death. Boy, does that sound familiar. I wonder if it will end up with the same results?????

  • Ellen Carlin

    I totally agree with him. Good for Biden if he agree. They are a bunch of terrorist. They are holding people that live on social security and depend on medicare for health care hostage. They got their arm around our neck and a gun to our heads saying “do what we want or else”. They have people over 65 terrified and that is terrorism plan and simple.

    • Daniel

      Not sure where you’re getting your infomration, but you are mistaken when you say the Tea Party has Medicare as a hostage. Obamacare has Medicare in hostage. It’s getting to the point where doctors don’t want to take any Medicare patients since the funding has been cut and the doctors are losing money. This is a fact – read up on Obamacare, and you will see how many other things have been taken “hostage” as a result. Put the blame where it “lies.”

  • Andrea

    Mike Doyle’s stupid comment is yet another reason why we need to finally vote these democrats out of office!!!!

  • Northsider

    Doyle and every other short-sighted “leader” needs to be gone. They should all be fired…voted out!

  • Dave

    I find Congressman Doyle’s comment extreamly offensive and out of touch. Congressman Doyle and all of those who commended him for his comment need to explain how cutting & balancing budgets, eliminating wasteful spending, and keeping taxes low is terroristic? Bottom line is you simply don’t get it.

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