Coach Charged With Having Sex With Girl

BETHEL PARK (KDKA) – A local coach has been charged after being accused of crossing the line with a teenage girl.

Brian Dankert, was hired as a strength and conditioning coach by an outside group to work with the Bethel park High School softball team.

According to police, he was sending inappropriate pictures and having a sexual relationship with a teenage student.

He became friends with the girl in question on Facebook.

According to the criminal complaint, the girl’s mother found pictures of Dankert’s body parts on her daughter’s cell phone.

The girl told police that their relationship started on Facebook, which progressed to cell phone pictures and ended with sexual encounters at Dankert’s home in South Park.

The school has issued a statement regarding the charges.

“We were notified by the Bethel Park Police Department and are cooperating fully with their investigation. Mr. Dankert has never been employed by the district, nor is he a contractor with the district. None of the items listed in the complaint happened on our property. Mr. Dankert is no longer permitted on our property and if he is spotted, he will be arrested.”

Dankert is expected to face a preliminary hearing on Monday and he is currently free on bail.


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One Comment

  1. Ray says:

    This is crazy, but not as crazy as our debt crisis.

    1. udonthave2callmeray says:

      you dont know crazy until you look in the mirror, you automaton.I think you are a bot; posting the same stupid comments to every available article.

  2. Raul says:

    OH please Marilyn….It said NOTHING about this guy forcing this girl to do anything…She added him to her facebook, she went to his house, she knew exactly what she was doing and would still be doing it if her mother didnt see the pictures…

    I will bet you anything her innocence was gone long before this perv came around..

    1. Anonymous says:

      Does not matter – child vs coach/teacher it crosses the line. I guess it was your child you would be fine with that.

  3. Snipered says:

    I played ball with this guy, of course no longer. You deserve everything you got coming. I’m sure your wife thinks the same.

    1. Vipered says:

      Yeah Don’t play ball with him any longer. Go play ball with your wife, you wuss. I’m sure she thinks the same. I know your kind.

    2. Coach says:

      I worked with him for over 2 years and you are correct, he deserves everything he gets. Total creep.

      1. knowswhatsup says:

        If you worked together for over 2 years and didn’t intervene; you are a bigger wuss than Snipee. Hope your wives approve of your texts. You might have to play ball 2 on 2.

  4. mr.peabody says:

    She didn’t have to respond so agreeably and often.

  5. journalismisdead says:

    @marilyn, obviously you live under a rock!!!

    1. itsalivebutitsmellsofdeath says:

      I agree. Consent is only a matter of reflection.

  6. Wilber says:

    U never know; maybe she was corrupted after attending a “Bluemen” event.

  7. Dave says:

    This man can’t keep his hands off of underage girls…not “men” as a whole you idiot. Do you say the same about female teachers that do this and say “women can’t keep their hands off…?”

    1. snipered says:

      I agree, Dave-check the papers and do the numbers it’s almost 2 to 1 women vs men in this category. Please don’t let my wife know that I sent this or she won’t let me out to play ball again. Thank you please, Snipered.

  8. chally says:


    1. oldlawyer says:

      Check the 4 year rule. Doesnt apply to adults vs minors. my wife is 20 years my junior, but we married after she reached 18.

  9. agonyofthmiseducated says:

    “The pictures is minor” Is this a pun’ you uneducated “pun”dit? you worthless pedants should get your own skills in order before taunting professionals. Get together with Marilyn and crawl under her rock. You need a sympathetic idiot to redeem you.

  10. agonyofthmiseducated says:

    “The pictures is minor” Is this a pun’ you uneducated “pun”dit? you worthless pedants should get your own skills in order before taunting professionals. Get together with Marilyn and crawl under her rock. You need a sympathetic idiot to redeem you.

    1. Mr. Rogers says:


  11. 1st yrlawduq says:

    BETHEL PARK (KDKA) – A local coach has been charged after being accused of crossing the line with a teenage girl.

    What part of the criminal code deals with “crossing the line” Can’t find in criminal codes. Ant help appreciated Thanks.

  12. Today's Truth says:

    …yeah like the coach was her first. Her innocence has BEEN GONE !!!!!

  13. 1st says:

    I am so happy this man was finally brought to justice. Hes off on bail AGAIN. FINALLY someone brought him in. He used to be at Montour Elementery and got fired. He HAS done this before.

    1. freddie says:

      Who’s on 1st? show some verification or go back to your hole in coverdale.

      1. maple says:

        There are no holes left in coverdale u have to digg your own.

  14. johnny69 says:

    Didn’t she want it as much? She is 17 right? Isn’t 16 the age of consent? I mean, he is a dirtball as well but why is she not taking any of the blame?

  15. ReaperFD says:

    I know this dirt ball and I’m glad someone turned him in. Yes he did something like this before. He was in his 20s and working at Neville Island bowling alley (called Paradise) and was caught by the police in his truck in the parking lot naked with another 16 year old girl that he was a sub teacher to in her school. her parents agreed not to press chargers if the school would dismiss him. Another point this Perv just got married to his long time girlfriend last year…

    1. Anonymous says:

      I know him and he got married to her about 2 months ago! Not a year, so if you are going to hate on him, have the facts!

      1. ReaperFD says:

        First of all, the time frame of his marriage is a little immaterial at this point! But since you want to make a statement out of it, I’ll follow through! If “YOU” want to make an issue out of “Facts” then make sure you have the “Facts” first! “about 2 months ago!” since when is “about” a term used for defining facts? Second, whether it was a year ago or even worst 2 months ago why is he having sex with anyone else other than his wife? Further more why is it when this loser gets caught having sex with some one, she is always 17 or younger? Theres your “Facts” Smarta$$!

    2. Anonymous says:

      It’s not like I’m married to him! I’m not gonna know the exact day but it was around 2 months ago! Not even close to a year! I was just saying, if you know him as you claim, you should say the right facts! He isn’t a loser! And tell me exactly how many times he has done this before! Since you’re an expert on him! Are you saying that all married people only have sex with their spouses! That’s nice to think, and it should be true! But now a days it’s not! I would never cheat on someone, but people do and everyone doesn’t hate on them! She probably wanted it more than he did anyways!

      1. Anonymous2 says:

        He got married last summer. I know because he used to teach at my kids’ school. He left at the end of last school year because we could not give him full time work and he was marrying and needed a long term position. He seemed kind of immature to me, but he was pretty popular with the kids. I would not, however, have thought him likely to do this. To my mind, saying he got married two months ago actually makes this even worse. He should still be in a honeymoon phase. This is more than a simple mistake. He abused his position, that makes him a poor candidate as both coach and teacher.

      2. Anonymous says:

        I know him! He got married 2 months ago! He told me and I saw some pictures. I’m not saying it makes it any better, but that’s what is true! I know what you mean about that work though because he did the same thing with me (I mean left the school). He used to teach over where I live and he was the teacher there for 2 years but left when he got a job closer to his house. He acts a little like a kid and that’s why all the kids like him! He makes it fun for them at school because he is like them in some way. Not grown up all the way. I still can’t believe he did this though, I would never pick him as someone to do this.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I know him and he isn’t a creep! yeah he did something bad, but the girl did something bad too! She knew he was married and older, so i don’t know why all the blame is on him! He is a nice guy

    1. ReaperFD says:

      Yes they are both bad for doing it. But he is 27 and has been caught before.. So he should know better! She is young and stupid! or are you “she”?

      1. Anonymous says:

        He’s 27 yeah, but just because someone is older than 18, that doesn’t mean they don’t make mistakes anymore! He should of never did it and she should of never did it! If a girl is really that stupid she shouldn’t be graduating soon!

    2. marilyn says:

      I know he isn’t a creep because “creep” is too nice of a word for someone like this! May I remind you the girl was only 17. Still a minor no matter how she dresses, how she acts or who she hangs around with. This man (and I use that word loosely) should know better. Control your urges. Go to Liberty Avenue if you need it so bad. Don’t hang around 17 year olds. She may need help but not like this..

      1. Anonymous says:

        How old are you marilyn, 127? Have you even been to LIberty Avenue lately?
        You, my lady (and I say that loosely), are the real creep here.

      2. Anonymous says:

        You know a 17 year old girl can still have sex, but if she haves it with someone over 18 we should all freak out! He worked with them, he was hired to train them for softball! She wanted it probably more than him!

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