Homeowners Ripped Off While Trying To Go Green

WAYNESBURG (KDKA) – Some local homeowners tried to go green, but ended up losing a lot of money.

KD Investigator Andy Sheehan is on the trail of a contractor, who took thousands of dollars to install wind turbines and solar panels at local homes.

However, he never delivered and left more than a dozen customers with nothing.

Last year, Doug Caldwell hoped to help the environment and save on his electric bill by contracting for the installation of a wind turbine with an outfit called Tri-State Electricity.

A cement eyesore is all he has to show for his money.

“I feel it’s theft. It’s criminal to take somebody’s money and not complete projects,” Caldwell said.

Just down the road in McDonald, Debbie Cowden has inoperable solar panels in her backyard.

“Made an investment for our future, looking forward to our retirement, possibly reducing our electric bill maybe adding on to the panels, but now we’re out $23,000,” Cowden said.

Cowden has yet to get a watt of power and she said Joe Larkin has disappeared.

“Unable to reach him. His business is no longer located in Waynesburg. He closed up shop and there are no working phone numbers for him,” Cowden said.

Sheehan spoke with three other customers who said they are in touch with a half dozen others in the same situation with payments approaching a half million dollars to Larkin.

However, Larkin’s business office is now deserted.

Sheehan couldn’t find him at his home either. Instead, he went to a diner he owns in downtown Waynesburg and asked for him there.

Like his customers, Sheehan was unable to locate or speak with Larkin, but they have contacted both the district attorney and the attorney general about his actions.


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One Comment

  1. JustSaying says:

    David Hannum (a banker) said it best, although history has mis-credited the statement to P.T. Barnum: ‘There’s a sucker born every minute!’

  2. chance says:

    Maybe Obama will refund your money. He is BIG on this green BS!

  3. some info? says:

    Domain Name………. tristateelectricity.com
    Admin Name……….. Joseph Larkin
    Admin Address…….. 210 Creek Rd box 56
    Admin Address…….. Jefferson
    Admin Address…….. 15344
    Admin Address…….. Pa
    Admin Address…….. UNITED STATES
    Admin Email………. tristateelectricity@yahoo.com
    Admin Phone………. +1.7248332455

  4. annoyed says:

    Joe Larkin has been taking advantage of people for years…this isn’t anything new. He is manipulating, dishonest, unappreciative, two-faced and back stabbing…shall I go on? He’ll disappear for awhile. At least until he thinks everything has died down. Oh yea, his partner in crime (behind the scenes) is another local man named John McNay. Check him out too.

  5. Wonda says:

    To bad this doesn’t involve people in lets say Bethel Park or Shaler where people aren’t so stupid and then we might care. But hey Andy this is out in nowhere land where people go to dig up garbage news

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