Police Probe Sharpsburg Vandalism Spree

SHARPSBURG (KDKA) – Vandals caused widespread damage in Sharpsburg overnight. The vandals spray painted homes, vehicles and even a boat.

Around midnight, someone stole two large coolers from a concession stand at a festival in Sharpsburg.

Blue spray paint cans were inside one of the coolers, which the vandals used to vandalize five homes in addition to cars and a boat.

“I was furious and I’m still a little upset over this. This is not acceptable. Not in this town,” Chris Weissert said.

The headlights on Weissert’s truck were covered with the blue paint. The repairs will cost over $1,000, The worst part is that he cannot legally drive the vehicle until the repairs are made.

“They said it’s illegal to drive. You can’t have any covers over your headlights at all. With the blue paint on there you can hardly see the light coming through,” Weissert said. “Can’t drive anywhere, day or night.”

Sharpsburg Police are confident they’ll find the suspects.

“We did recover the can. We have video cameras in that area. We’re going to look at those and see what we come up with. We have the word out on the street that we’re looking for somebody. So, hopefully by tonight we’ll have an answer,” Sharpsburg Police Chief Leo Rudzki said.


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One Comment

  1. beenthere says:

    try enamel reducer; it removes yellow road paint without harming surface. get it at an auto supply. At lease you can still drive

    1. thereandback says:

      Been: It depends on the paint. Cops can tell him what they found in the cooler. Either enamel or urethane reducer depending. Naptha is good also. we/re not talking about the finish-just head lights to get him going. I’ll do it for $500! 50% savings!

  2. sickofcrybabies says:

    If u spend a grand to clean paint from your headlights u a a fool or looking to defraud an insurance company. sorry it happened; but just make do.

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