PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Some Steelers’ veterans who were supposed to hit the practice field today at training camp in Latrobe may still be on the sidelines.

The common perception was that the lockout was over, all was well with the NFL labor negotiations and the only thing remaining was for the players to ratify the new collective bargaining agreement thus beginning the new NFL league year.

When that happens, newly-signed free agents will be able to practice. It was supposed to happen Wednesday and Thursday.

However, at training camp on Wednesday, Ryan Clark and Charlie Batch – two officers in the players’ union – said that there is still more they want from the owners.

Clark says he wants NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to have less say in how players are fined and punished.

“How often did you hear Paul Tagliabue’s name throughout the season, hardly ever, other than it being on the ball. I think he’s decided to make himself a major part of this game,” said Clark. “You know, I don’t know if he had some type of high school dream or Pop Warner dreams of being an NFL football player, but he’s made himself the NFL. He is the most popular, or infamous, commissioner in sports right now.”

Meanwhile, Goodell said Wednesday night that Steeler James Harrison will not be punished, fined or suspended for the comments he made in an interview with Men’s Journal Magazine this summer.

Also, Goodell said at Carolina Panthers training camp on Wednesday that he does not plan to give up any authority when it comes to doling out punishments for players.

Despite the developments, preseason and regular season games are expected to go on as scheduled.

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