SHARPSBURG (KDKA) — There was quite a commotion at the Sharpsburg marina Friday night when a jeep went into the Allegheny River.

Two people were inside when it went into the water.

A witness reported that the jeep was backing down the ramp to put a jet ski into the water when the vehicle’s tires slipped on the slick pavement.

A man was driving and a woman had gotten out just seconds before.

She jumped back in as the jeep started to slide, apparently to try to help put on the emergency brake, but it was too late.

“He probably went about 15 feet past where he was supposed to go into and what happened was he slid right into the water,” said Denny Piring, a witness. “It went in fast, there was nothing he could’ve done, nothing.”

The jeep reportedly sunk in less than a minute.

The man and woman both made it safely to shore, thanks to a boater and some other witnesses.

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