Gov. Corbett On ‘Impact Fee,’ Education, State Stores

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Governor Tom Corbett was in Pittsburgh and talked about several issues affecting the state, including the natural gas industry, education and the proposed privatization of the state’s liquor stores.

Corbett says that even though an advisory panel recommended a so-called “impact fee” for drilling in the Marcellus Shale, he does not support new taxes on the industry.

The fee would go to local communities that may incur costs associated with the process.

“And an appropriate impact fee … I can see adopting and making sure the money goes into the communities,” he said.

Meantime, school districts across the state are coping with budget cuts after education funding in the state budget was sharply cut back.

To save costs, some school districts are considering four-day weeks.

Corbett says a four-day school week may be an option for schools if it complies with the school code. He has yet to consult with his education secretary on that idea.

Also, Corbett still thinks mergers are a good option, but says there are other ways to trim costs.

“I will go back and say I’m disappointed,” he said. “Again, when I made my budget speech on March 8, I asked teachers, the administrators and the support staff to take a one-year pay freeze to help and only about 15 percent of the school districts did.”

Another issue in state politics is the idea of privatizing the state’s Wine & Spirits stores. Last year, the stores made $1.9 billion and $105 million of it went directly to the state.

In recent weeks, Republican leaders of the State Senate say they’re not ready to move on it very quickly.

Corbett called on the legislature to set aside competing interests and focus on sale. He says money from sale could help fund transportation.

“That is certainly one area where we could put into a trust fund, manage that trust fund and help manage transportation,” he said.

Governor Tom Corbett
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One Comment

  1. A.Bunker says:

    Cut.Cut.Cut and then Cut some more.

  2. Xbox360 Wired Controller says:

    Until the left figures out a way to fund this effort you propose, it will get no traction in the cash machine DC has become.

  3. Bachman in 2012 says:

    These teachers need a reality check! Making almost $40K a year for working 1o months?!?!? They need to wake up and realize most of America makes way less and work a full year!!!

    1. hwright says:


      1. Zoeyzotron says:

        Teacher are compenssated very well in PA, you just don’t realize it because you have never been in the real world. Your benefiits are far above average and you still have pensions… Not to mention the short work day and 190 days work year. to top it off your salaries are well above average too… Many teacher make well above $85,000 a year in PA.

        Its about time there was some “shared sacrafice” (obama’s words) in public sector jobs.

        Newsflash HWright – corporations and the millions of people who work for them are the only reason you have a job… Where do you think your pay comes from? Quit getting all your information for the PSEA newsletter… you are so transparent it is laughable.

        And you want all of this at TAXPAYER EXPENSE. You sir are selfish!!!!!

      2. hwright says:

        Yeah all about how jealous you are sorry bud you had the same chance to be a teacher as everyone else but you have chosen to just attack other peoples careers…. AND LETS JUST MAKE THIS CLEAR I AM NOT A TEACHER! I will not jump on the Republican bandwagon of killing the Middle class.. Just because I am jealous….

      3. The One says:

        HWright, I think Zoey is just pointing out the fact that teacher’s current compensation packages in this state are not sustainable. Zoey is also correct in saying that there hase been ZERO of obamas “shared sacrafice” from government/public sector jobs and the rest of us are SICK of IT!

        You need to wake up. this is what happens when we spend more than we have. It will now be painful for all, even you (and I suspect your precious union)

  4. Mad Hatter says:

    HWright, are you not preparing our children to get a career with the corporations that you continently bash???

    Typical union job employee… always contradicting themselves.

  5. hwright says:

    The One, But do you believe in continuing to give more money to politicians and more money to CEO of corporations and continuing to take money from the working americans is what we need to do in america???? NO that is what the agenda of the Republican party is and its not right. Corbett needs to cut his pay and his staffs pay and downsize government before he created the bandwagon of hatred towards our hardworking teachers in this state and basically any union really, because they have preserved the quality of standards in their fields of work!!! Corporations with no unions have only done what was best for the CEO’s and taken everthing they posibly can from their employees. Is this truly what we want in America? Do you like a 40 hour work week and paid holidays and vacations? Well I do!!! Corporations HATE THEM!!!!! 70-80 hour work weeks and very few holidays and less and less vacation time. And the right to fire you when ever they want for any reason. Is that what you want in the country????? I truefully love my 40 hour a week job and my vacations and my holidays! I have a family that I love to spend time with to garden, walk, cut my own grass, maintain my own house and car and do things for my neighbors. Working 80 hours a week like most of these brain washed rich people just dont realize really want they are missing and only have the greed for more and more money! And they will do whatever it takes to get it! There are ways for Our government to fix things but they choose to just cut hard working american jobs than do what they need to do to create revenue. Cutting jobs will never create revenue! These people will no longer work, pay taxes, buy gas, buy clothing, go on vacation, put money into the bank, go to the movies and so on and so forth! Do you really feel that your money is safe in the stock markets for retirement? They have pretty much have shown you that it isnt. Rich people can make the stock market die if they need to and you would see a dime from it! I can go on and on about this but I must stop. People better stop being jealous of each other career paths and do what you need to do to get the education that will make you a better person!

    1. The One says:

      I should not even respond to this because clearly you have never worked outside of a union job.

      1) People who are employed by corporations are ALSO AMERICANS AND ALSO PART OF THE WORKING CLASS. You do not have to be in a union to be a “worker…

      2) My corporation encourages us to take our vacation and they are generous with it. there are weeks where I work more than 40 hours (by choice), but I enjoy my job and I am rewarded for my hard work(a foreign concept for non merit unions). If I were not happy or rewarded I would find a new job. I love my family too and still find plenty of time to spend with them.

      3) I assume that you live in the United States so if you were working for a corporation that made you work 70- 80 hours a week then I would hope you would have the intelligence and skills to find a new job. You have that choice in this country. Most folks change jobs on average of 5 times in a career.

      4) Sadly, during a downturn cutting jobs is sometimes necessary. For example if enrollment in a school district has declined year over year (ie City of Pittsburgh) then the need for staff has also decreased. That is Econ 101, supply vs demand. As an American it is your duty to go out and find a new job, maybe a new teaching job, or maybe you will have to branch out and do something different.

      5) I suggest that you educate yourself on Lean Sigma Six. Our government sure needs too.

      6) You cannot be fired “when ever they want for any reason”. Is this what unions tell you? Good lord….

      7) “Corporations with no unions have only done what was best for the CEO’s ” – another out-of touch comment…. Newsflash – most do what is best for shareholders (people like you and I who would like to retire one day.)

      8) “But do you believe in continuing to give more money to politicians” – Ask your union how much they have donated to politicians like obama. The NEA alone has pumped MILLIONS (of your money)into his warchest even after he has proven to be a complete failure as the leader of this nation. Why do you think that is? Is that in the best interest of this country? i think not.

      In closing, your comments about corporations and the economy are simple minded, vague, and quite franky inaccurate. Reading your comments is like reading a PSEA newsletter, nothing but union rhetoric. I think you are smarter than this, you seem like a good American who whats this country to prosper again. I suggest you brush up on some simple economics and finance, subscribe to a good publication like the Wall Street Journal, broaden your views beyond what the desperate and dying unions tell you.

      1. PGH Michelle says:

        WOW, well said One!

  6. Hwright says:

    Well You are totally brainwashed! Have you looked at unemployment numbers lately guess not….. I am glad you like your job! I like mine! I support the unions because they like there jobs too! Its not governments responsibility to cut jobs with little to no research in why they are cutting jobs is just pure expense reduction. Big government takes their expenses out on the working class. Just wait till its yours and my job! Anyways do you look at the other side and see how my the Koch brothers donate???? How about Corporate donations. They crush what the unions pay, but the Dems still find away to win. But Republicans feel if they collapse all unions they will easily win. The Tea Party was a direct resulant of BIG CORPORATE DONATIONS! I find that wrong….. If you have sirius/xm I beg you to tune into 124 and and listen Stand up with Pete Dominick he is on vacation right now but will be back on the air soon at 3 pm to 5pm and just listen to the facts of politics.

    1. The One says:

      My beliefs are based on years of factual economical analysis. I came to the conclusion to be a fiscal consertative on my own doing, not because of a talk show, but rather because numbers don’t lie. they can not be disputed. Look at history, learn from it. For example, it is unrealistic to believe that government jobs, including teachers will always be able to have a pension. It is a mathmatical certainty that they will fail. beyond that, is it fair to ask a taxpayer to fund your retirement and theirs?? And please dont tell me about the 85 which you contribute for alifetime of pay… its peanuts.

      I have news for you, unemployment is much higher than 9.1 %. the real number is closer to 17.6, not counting the underemployed. It will only climb under obamas failed leadership. Spreading the wealth is failed economics as he like, is a failed strategy, it has been proved time and time again.

      1. The One says:

        sorry, I meant 8%

        “And please dont tell me about the 8% which you contribute for alifetime of pay… its peanuts.

    2. Robert says:

      HWRIGHT – You government workers with your pensions are the Rich. they can be worth millions depending on how long you live. Do you know how long it will take the rest of us to save that kind of money??? Most of us never will.

      I am allowed to complain about it because I have a vested interest in this as a taxpayer who is FORCED to fund these via my excessive realestate taxes.

  7. Mad Hatter says:

    HWright, do you have any idea what you are talking about??

    “Big government takes their expenses out on the working class” – do you realize that it is Obama and the democrats that want a big government….

  8. Warlock Jones says:

    Now everyone knows you are full of sh!t, no one with a brain reads MSN. Buffett is a raging liberal moron and you should further know that obama considers you rich if your household income is 250K or more. Tell that to someone in NYC, of California…

  9. hwright says:

    another sorry individual, keep attacking us, we will fight back your dollars will be ours in the end sorry for your loss you have attacked the middle class and poor way to much. You are another one that cannot face the facts!

  10. hwright says:

    and also that came from Reuters oh wait nobody reads reuters just FOX news for you………

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