Trinity Football Players Stage Silent Protest

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) – Trinity Area High School football players claim their safety has been jeopardized because too many funding cuts have been made.

As a result, they organized a silent protest Monday morning before their first practice of the season.

They want to get noticed enough to get the things that they say are imperative to their success and safety on the field.

Before they took the field for practice, they had to tackle a major issue.

“We would ask those in charge to make decisions that will not hurt our current team and all of our future hiller football players,” John Laschinsky said.

Players sat quietly before practice protesting cuts to the football program that they feel is jeopardizing their safety.

“With only four varsity coaches we feel that this will lead to unsafe conditions during practice because of the violent nature of this sport we will be inadequately supervised,” Laschinsky said.

“My son is in 10th grade, I worry about him playing anyway. Now with little coaches on the field I have to worry about him even more,” Caroline Frey said.

This is not just about a shortage in coaches. For both parents and players, there is also a huge safety concern over a lack of equipment.

“A lot of the equipment has been cut out and I realize there’s budget cuts. Everyone has to deal with that, but safety equipment shouldn’t be cut. Mouthpieces, chinstraps, knee pads, stuff like that,” Ed Martin of the football boosters said.

“My son is a running back. He gets clobbered. He should have protective equipment to take care of him,” Frey said.

Fundraising has helped to supply some of the equipment, but players want more coaches to be hired and more support from the Trinity Area School Board.

The booster organization is prepared to start looking for attorneys to possibly file an injunction.

The superintendent could not be reached for comment Monday morning.


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One Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cry babies…if you play hockey for some schools, you need to purchase your own equipment and even pay for ice time. If you want to play the sport, pitch in some of your own money and stop demanding so much tax money be used so a select few can play a game. How many of these kids are actually going to make it to the pros or get a post-secondary scholarship? I can probably count it on one hand or even one finger.

    1. Anonymous says:

      You couldn’t have said it better!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Couldn’t agree more. All sports should be pay as you play. I just spent $750.00 this past weekend on skates and shinguards for my son who is a third year varsity player going into 11th grade. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

  2. Bob Conner says:

    The Governor needs to be impeached — TAX THE Marcellus Shale Industry!

  3. Trisha Balmer says:

    If the Boosters raise the money… It should be spent on the sports that raised it!!!

  4. Caroline Frey says:

    There is NO Tax money being used , when the Coaches we are talking about , are willing to be volunteers, that are not paid. We have Coaches that are willing to help coach for nothing, and are still not allowed. How is that fair ? Im not downing Hockey or any other sport. But Football Brings in the most revenue , of all sports in our state . That has to count for something!. And unfortunately Hockey is not WPIAL sponsorred yet. I wish they were. My kids love Hockey. Good luck Trinity Athletes! cfrey

  5. Anonymous says:

    Bob Conner, what the hell do you think that will do to the price? Liberals never think.

  6. Cloey says:

    How about music and art programs………..if you want to play pay.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Honestly, if the parents want their kids to play football, they need to supply the equipment. There are students who need teachers and supplies in their classrooms not football gear. The football budget should be based on the tickets sold. If the football team wants more money, charge more for tickets. To take teachers and educational materials out of a classroom is not moral. I have seen several districts pay tons of money for football fields while laying off teachers and cutting supplies. The madness needs to stop. Why don’t the Steelers or the NFL kick in some money for school athletics. Maybe there could be a $5 surcharge on NFL tickets that would go specifically towards HS football programs. They could also charge a $1 on football shirts. Let those who value football, pay for it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I came to post but this is exactly what I would have said. One other comment I would have made is that if a team does do specific fund raising those funds should remain within that group. My daughter was a cheerleader for a few years; we did our own fund raising to pay for the uniforms but were still required to donate to the concession stand both items to sell and our time as a volunteer. Now I would not have had a problem with that except the proceeds on the stand went only to the boys football; the girls should have recieved a equal percentange based on the number of participants. The boys parents should have done more fund raising or paid more I should not have had to do it for them.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Good idea about the NFL. I feel your pain. My kids have played other sports and activites that required alot of money, that I paid. Out of my pockets. And I agree, if the Cheerleaders raised the money, then the money should go to only them! . But if the football budget is based on tickets sold , then WE should be getting alot more money. WE sell more tickets in football! Thats just the way it is. My older son plays college Baseball. He and his team mates have to work concession for the Home Football Games. Do you think the Football Team works concession for the Baseball Team?? NO. WHY? Because there is hardly anyone at the Baseball Games. I faced that fact, unfair as it may be, along time ago. But somehow the football games are always pact.

    3. Anonymous says:

      I agree High School is for learning sports are called extra activites for a reason I paid for all my sons equipment

  8. Blossie says:

    My daughter played in the school orchestra and local youth symphonies. I paid for her violin, not the school district. I also paid for her lessons.

    Let the people who use the equipment pay for it themselves. It is not up to the taxpayers to fund what you want to do.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Many, many years ago, I participated in colorguard – the only thing we did not pay for was the uniform. Boots, gloves, hats, etc. were all funded by my parents! Both of my children participated in band and I had to purchase their instruments – USED! I thought I would be the only one who felt this way, but I see I am not alone. These parents want their kids to “receive full scholarships to top rate colleges” or “make it to the pros” on my dime??? Nobody offered to pay my $25,000 student loan!

  9. Checkmate says:

    Good luck reaching the Superintendent. Let me know how that works out for you. PS – the Super’s salary is public knowledge. Look it up. And you wonder where budget cuts could be made?? The simple solution is to raise taxes. If the people don’t like it, they can move out of the district. They won’t though.

    1. The Truth says:

      You solution isn’t simple. It’s stupid. Is that your answer to everything….raise taxes? Umm, cut spending.

  10. Tom hal says:

    Wish they would silently protest academic cuts and funding too ……priorities

    1. Donnie says:

      Could not have said it better! We care more about sports than education…its a shame and I fear for the future.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Not true. Education is far more important. But sports keeps my kids in school and doing well. Keeps them out of trouble and on the right path. Sports and extracurricular activities are great, for these reasons. They help the academic process! Thats the best thing about sports. Whether its Football, Hockey or Tennis , Band or Debate . We need to keep our kids busy. They have someone else to answer to, like their team mates, coaches, etc. It was never me who made sports the Issue.

      2. Anonymous says:

        It is the job of a parent to keep kids busy after school. How about having kids cut the grass, volunteer at a nursing home or actually learn a job skill. I am not knocking all extra curriculars but football especially is very costly. The needs of the few are placed higher than the needs of the most. The sponsor of the debate team does not make as much as an assistant football coach. Not by a long shot. The football teams are ridiculously overstaffed. Let the district pay for one coach and the boosters pay for the reset of the staff. My son’s soccer coach makes squat. The only equipment that his team gets are shirts and shorts. No socks, shin guards or even enough practice balls. Football players get uniforms and even lunch during their training camp. Seems a little inequitable.

      3. Concerned Parent says:

        The issue is that we do have men willing to coach without pay but the school board will not permit volunteer coaches on the field. Also, our boosters do pay for a lot of the expenses which means that the parents have spent many hours fundraising. As for pay to play, the Trinity School Board has proposed this BUT the team would not receive the money. It was being designated to enter the general fund.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is that not why you have a booster club. Raise the money yourselves. Every school is having to make cuts.

  12. Trimming with hedge clippers instead of scapples says:

    These protesters have not protested the cutting of teaching positions or the cuts in school equipment or supplies. Their parents have not gone to the school board and petitioned for an increase in taxes. A cut does not hurt, if it does not hurt you personally. Get use to it. Corbett will continue to cut funding. I hope that the boosters are willing to volunteer many hours towards paying for these cuts.

  13. BetterNewsPittsburgh says:

    Can’t agree more with most of the above. BUY YOUR OWN EQUIPMENT if you want to participate in this activity–most of the activities kids participate in this is the norm. Why should any tax money be spent on this and not that? When I hear parents whining about mouthguards and equipment, and they are ‘worried’ about their kids safety, its a sham. There is a reason KDKA ‘reports’ but never ‘reasons’…

  14. Suzanne S. says:

    As a teacher, I have yet to hear anyone gripe at school board meetings about budget cuts. I have one textbook for every two students and they are paperback; held together with duct tape. Yeah- Good luck football players! Hope you all get all the bells and whistles. 99% of you won’t play in the pros or possibly even in college. Meantime, I’ll still be spending “free time” wrapping duct tape around 10 year old textbooks. Before you say, “Buy the ebook license.” They are too expensive and you can’t require it because many families where I work don’t have reliable internet access.

    1. Fed Up says:

      Agreed. Its a shame that you have to do that with your books. We have lots of school teachers in my family. My children play sports, but also go to Board Meetings regularly to support their relatives , and their fellow teachers. Just because my son plays football doesn’t mean we don’t support Education or the Teachers. Because we do passionately. Education is and always will be the priority. My children know this. Once again, our school board always seems to focus on Football. I do not know why. Leave the football team alone. The Coaches they cut, saves a whole 3000 dollars. And those Coaches told me they would coach for Nothing, to help out the Budget Crisis. Then that money can be spent somewhere needed. Like Books. But dont forget, our district is always being sued. So they will probalby use that money for lawsuits they need to pay. Remember that everyone, come re-election Time.

  15. headly lamar says:

    you just know they won’t win one game with these sissies

  16. Anonymous says:

    I do feel there has been a lot of unfair treatment towards the football team and it’s coach. Most of this because of personal reasons by some of the school board members. I have been a supporter of Coach Dalton, until now. I have recently recieved word that there will be no 8th or 9th grade football teams. So the kids in those grades don’t even have the option of participating with limited coaches. I don’t know the reason(s) for the 9th grade team. The 8th grade team had 1 coach and I belive 51 players. So if more coaches were allowed to be hired I guess they go to the Varsity team and not the 8th grade team. So those 51 young men don’t even get the option to play. Nice of them to wait until after all the fundraising was done. I guess it was important to make sure they participated in that and not as important as a DB or LB coach to make sure they see the field.

  17. Coach says:

    Many South Hills football players pay 500 bucks……..tell your fat mother to get another job if she wants you to play football Ya winers

    1. fat mother says:

      MY BROTHERS son plays in South Hills . And no they do not pay 500 bucks. Get your facts straight. Their Boosters are even Bigger up there. Which is what we strive for , a bigger Boosters organization. Most of what we get does come from Parents in the Boosters Club. The school Board wants to put all the money that individual Sports Booster Clubs make , Football, Soccer, Track, etc.., into one big General Fund. Most people do not agree with this. My son plays Basketball, and the money we make should stay with our basketball team!! I think that is fair. And FYI – that FAT MOTHER alrready has a 2nd job and goes to school. Yes school, to further her education. You should try it. Maybe you;ll learn a liitle more tact.

  18. Six Shooter says:

    Does Trinity have a rifle team? If so, how many coaches do they have? One would think THAT sport would have greater concerns with fewer coaches!

  19. critter says:

    democrat crybabies

    1. misunderstood says:

      Im a Republican for your information. and my son plays football for Trinity. And our booster money paid for his shoulder pads , money we parents raised. And FYI – all the other school districts are dropping their 9nth Grade Teams. We didn’t want this, but its happening anyway, everywhere in our Section. And We can’t help it if more people come to Football Games, than Soccer Games, or Hockey Games. Id rather go to a Tennis Match personally, but it seems like I’m always dropping my kids off at the football games. And their friends. Football sells. I guess its that male testosterone thing. Men like watching other men Tackle each other, etc..

  20. Knute says:

    Was that kid reading a note his mother wrote? Maybe a couple of the out of work dads can go to practice and make sure the team has plenty of supervision

    1. Lance says:

      No , he was reading a note his Buddy wrote. And the “out of work dads” have already volunteered. But they are not allowed. Some legal issue??

  21. db says:

    Put all your attention on educating, instead of sports.If you people and parents would focus on educating your kids, society would start to improve.That is the mentality of the yuppie. The pure dumbing down of society. quit living your lives through your kids. Start being a parent

    1. Dan says:

      Okay this is really simple. If the team is worried that they do not have enough coaches and this is creating an unsafe condition. Cancel the season… This will allow the district to reallocate the funding to purchase books.

  22. db says:

    PRIVELEGE do you people know what that means. Sports are a PRIVELEGE not a right. As a former Health and Physical Education Teacher, I saw the changes in the system in the 90’s. The parents were more concerned why the coaches wouldn’t put their kids in the starting line up. I resigned from education after 8 years of the the political B.S. because I had a “School Board” member who was in the construction field (not the education field) ask me if I can elevate a grade so that a student could play football.(The students parents were a friend of the board member) I wrote my resignation on a napkin at local coffee store where I was asked to do this and told in to stuff it up Your A##. That is why education is the way it is.

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