PLYMOUTH, Mass. (CBS Local) — Shortly after 9/11, Plymouth Selectman Dick Quintal created a memorial to the victims on his own property in North Plymouth.

He was so moved by the event, he spent thousands of dollars on elaborate, black granite slabs, containing the names of every person who died that day, from New York, to the Pentagon, to Shanksville. Still, it wasn’t enough for Quintal.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports:

But now, he’s satisfied. Quintal has secured a 10-foot piece of steel that was part of the World Trade Center, and had it brought to the memorial in Plymouth in May.

“It makes our memorial complete,” said Quintal. “And when I touched it for the first time in the hanger in New York, it sent a funny feeling up my arm. It was part of the humanity there. It was part of the towers.”

In a ceremony befitting the 9/11 victims, Plymouth firefighters, police, and residents lined South Spooner Street, as the i-beam was trucked in, draped in the American flag.

“Let us not forget what happened that day, America as the victim of an act of war,” said Fire Chaplain Bill Fillebrown.

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