Comcast Offering Internet Access To Low-Income Families

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — More local families will have access to the Internet thanks to a new program offered by Comcast.

Internet Essentials is a program designed to help bridge the education gap between low and higher-income families.

“And that gap is driving tremendous disparities in the availability of the Internet. And you say to yourself, ‘What does that matter?’ and it should matter to all of us,” David Cohen, with Comcast, said.

Pittsburgh is the first market in Pennsylvania to offer this program which includes $9.95 a month Internet access and a voucher to buy a computer for $149.99.

“This isn’t just a free giveaway,” Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato said. “We’re asking for responsibility here too for anybody who participates in this program.”

It is an option to help bring the Internet to families that can’t afford it now. If you qualify for a free school lunch, you may qualify for this.

Families that qualify for the national free school lunch program should contact their local school district.

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One Comment

  1. Hit Boy says:

    When is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH!!!!!

  2. marie says:

    enough will NEVER be enough, I say as long as there is a Dish bolted to your roof, you don’t get reduced internet, as long as you have a cell phone plan, you don’t get reduced internet, as long as you have hairdos that cost more than a week’s worth of groceries, or manicures that cost that much, you don’t get reduced internet.

    sick and tired, sick and tired, but that means nothing….maybe if the rest of the paying customers who don’t get a break on rates switched from Comcast, they might listen….

    1. C C says:

      I so agree with you Marie!!!! Well said!!

    2. C C says:

      And I got rid of COMCAST long ago……..they are a bunch of swindlers!!!

    3. YouAreAMoron says:

      by the way, the “taxpayers” are not paying for it…comcast is you idiot. Since when is what they do with their profits your business?

    4. Anonymous says:

      you’re kidding right!?! have you read back over what you wrote??? do you have any idea how you sound??? you’ve made assumption on a particular gender and race of individuals in regards to a service offered as if THEY are the only ones that are in need of the program or utilize the very same services you mentioned. you should really search your frustrations and look at how ignorant you really sound, but fortunately for you opinions are like elbows. speech is free, yet so is prejudice as well…smh!

  3. Anonymous says:

    So now a computer and the Internet are the newest “Rights”. Good God what is the next right? Maybe I should be taxed at 100%!

  4. LBR says:

    Now a computer and the Internet are the newest “Right”… Good God what’s next? Why not tax me at 100%? How can you stupid people keep voting in these morons?

  5. Anonymous says:

    You cannot but do throw a blanket characterization “nails dish, hairdoos”. Does that justify bigotry? You have to appreciate the disparity in have \ have not.

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:

      There is disparity because people that HAVE did something called WORK!

      1. Aaliyah says:

        and some were spoon fed brats who do use allowances to buy herion and build bombs in their basemnets while their parents are too busy looking down their nose at those “lazy ghetto people”….

    2. MsCynic says:

      Then GET A JOB, and you can have whatever you can AFFORD – Just like everyone else! I can’t afford highspeed internet, but then again, I pay a mortgage not the Section 8 rental rate!!

  6. Luther says:

    A computer and internet are great but we can’t get a job without a free car

  7. Hit Boy says:

    Hey you could have mine…..I guess it will be a “right” soon anyhow!

  8. Aaliyah says:

    Its sad that you can sit an stereotype the low income community by believing and convincing yourself that its only “lazy black people who dont work”. Have you been to a low income area? best believe that the white and latino population is not misrepresented either! I teach children in such a neighborhood and many of the families are equally indigent…ALL RACES. Their parents work two jobs but have this thing called PRIORITIES (food,gas,electricity), so unfortuneatly thay dont get computers and internet. THAT is why Comcast launched this…not to help “lazy black people who get hair and nails done and sit on welfare”. There are lazy bloodsucking type people in all races. Get your head out your behind!

    1. Hit Boy says:

      Yeah, there may be lazy bloodsuckers in all races….But let’s talk ratios!

    2. MsCynic says:

      ironic you are the first person to mention color/race…………previous mention was only in PRIORITIES (i.e. hair, cell phone, dish network, etc…). I KNOW there are people leeching off the welfare system of all colors – there always has been!! Still think ALL should be drug tested to get their $$, like a lot of working people are!

      1. Aaliyah says:

        Because my comprehension is strong enough to see that hitboy is making a direct reference to race…although most bigots and racists are such cowards they hide behind anonimity and half spoken statements rather than just come right out and say it how they feel it. If you can read…and recognize chronological order, his post at the far top was first in this forum……smh.

      2. MsCynic says:

        Ok, his first comment on the forum was “When is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH!!!!!”

        Where EXACTLY does that refer to race??????

  9. YouAreAMoron says:

    Im sorry, many of you must not be kin to reading and comprehension…because where in this article does it say anything more than “comcast is offering…?” The taxpayers are not paying for ANYTHING! Comcast is! they are breaking their OWN profit margin to fund this..not OBAMA, Pittsburgh, or anyone else. You all should probably go back to school yourselves and work on comprehension. so eager to get all “wee-wee’d up” for nothing. Bigots…

    1. Hit Boy says:

      You really think that Comcast is cutting into their profit margin?? Every person who has Comcast is going to pay for this…If you think otherwise “YOU ARE A MORON!

      1. YouAreAMoron says:

        yup…you really ARE a moron lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Sonja Jones says:

        They are morons to think that the consumers will not pay……..

    2. kimt824 says:

      Look at your phone bill you “moron”. There is a $4.94 monthly charge to help people get free cell phones. It will be only a matter of time that this internet service will become a charge that will somehow pass onto the “paying” customers of Comcast. Then some politician will think that this should be a “right” and pass a law for a new fee on your internet bill. Corporations are about the bottom dollar not charity.

  10. Black Cat says:

    Why don’t they offer this “special” to college students and those in the military?

  11. Anonymous says:

    some of you are truly amazing to use the terms and titles that you do! its laughable and sad at the same time. some of you talk “ratios” and make the breeding jokes, or even the lack of fathers being in the homes…must be nice to sit where you do and be perfect and without need or want huh? read your history, know your history, and come outside of the glass house from time to time. you that make these comments have what you have off of the very backs of those you speak. and even if you aren’t “american” by blood you still based on your skin tone and hair density bathe in the priveledge of looking like “americans”. pride comes before the fall people. just make sure if your situations change and LIFE HAPPENS to you that you post THAT as well and be as willing to recieve the attacks as well as you give them. Oh wait, you won’t do that because that would admit being or doing wrong to others not as fortunate as you. we ALL need work, just seems that there are some that need it more than others…take care.

  12. JennyBlue91 says:

    Lets not forget about all the hillbilly meth heads with scabs all over their arms and faces…and they are not black. Living in trailers, with filthy dirty kids who eat dominoes every night (if that). Whose drug addicted parents risk their childrens health with meth labs in the back yard, on food stamps and have multiple fathers for their kids????? ps…Im Blond and blue eyed! You are are full of it. I agree with Aaliyah, im sure she sees the worst of all races. but she teaches them and treats them equal. some White people treat poor whites just like they do blacks. ADMIT it to yourself!

  13. HK says:

    Welcome to Obama land where we “spread the wealth around”. Anyone that thinks the public is not going to pay for this is crazy! Every person who subscribes to Comcast will be subsidizing this program. We should all move into the city, quit work, get section 8, welfare, food stamps, free lunches, Obama phones, free computers and internet! !!!!!

  14. disgusted with the comments says:

    this is actually quite funny to me. To the person talking ratios……come and see what its like to live in the low income part of town. I went to a job fair yesterday and it was over 1,000 people there. People were passing out from overheating all while trying to get a job. So you cannot sit there and tell me that people are not trying , nor can you say that we are all lazy. I am in college, getting government help, and still looking for work on a daily. So I think this is a good idea…..Thanks Comcast!!!!

  15. hardworkingcitizen says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with race at all. The point is that the only rights any of have are those guaranteed in the constitution. The “right” to a computer? The “right” to a cell phone?? Come one! I, for one, am tired of footing the bill for someone else to have the “rights” fo things that I do not have because I have my priorities in the right place! 3 basic necessities in life:food, water, and shelter. Once you have those 3 things covered, then get more. But don’t get it unless you can pay for it. You get an education or learn a trade, then you go to work every day, then you save your money and don’t blow it on senseless garbage, THEN you get the things you need! Not one race, not one group, not one class, but it is one simple rule that would keep alot of people out of a lot of trouble!

    1. Seeking balance says:

      I concur completely!

  16. Sick of paying for the other guy says:

    What makes me sick is that people think they have to have internet and a computer to have a life.The kids dont need a computer so they can go on their social networks with their friends.If they want to give them computers for school fine.Then they should block themfrom being able to get onto sites such as facebook and only be able to use so many bytes per month or the internet shuts off or they pay for it.I for one am sick of overpaying for my luxeries so someone who doesnt want to work or is “undereducated” and cant get a “good” job can have what i have to work hard for.O and the military pays well and is always looking for people that can pass a drug test and background check for those who say there is no work.

  17. Lee says:

    So the families with the nice cars, nice clothes and talk on their state of the art cell phones while using food stamps at the store. Oh i get it now. iit’s a bunch of bull.

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