Social Security’s Future In Doubt

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Chris Moore talks with Virginia Reno, vice president for income security policy for the National Academy of Social Insurance, about what lies ahead for Social Security and the millions of seniors who rely on it.

Reno lays out what federal spending cuts would mean for the program, as well as the role that Social Security will play in a retirement landscape increasingly plagued by eroding pensions and rising health care costs.

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One Comment

  1. Dan says:

    Social Security MUST be phased out. It’s crippling our nation.

  2. Dave says:

    Why is it crippling our nation? It was designed as supplemental income to U.S. citizens who have worked hard and retired after contributing all of their lives. Instead, to the average citizen who has abided by all of the rules and worked for their retirement, this benefit, which again, was paid into by the working Americans, will not be available because the government used it for everything but what it was initially designed for. This is a sad day. What about all of the thousands of dollars that each working American has already paid? I guarantee if SS isn’t around, the government will insitute some other “socializing” tax so that those who don’t contribute anything will still reap the benefit.

    1. Zoeyzotron says:

      Good points. SS is a necessary program but it has been abused by the government.

      I do feel that you should be able to opt out of it, but required to put put the money in an IRA type investment. I just feel that I could invest the money better than the govt can. I would even be willing to still make a small contribution to the general SS fund.

  3. Dave says:

    BS, IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE GREEDY POLITICIANS SS would be in great shape.The Johson administration 1960, got congress to pass a bill allowing the LBJ administration to get ONE TRILLION dollars from the trust fund. He promised to pay it back with interest . AS of today not a dime has been repaid.That money went for the Vietman War , urban housing ,welfare ,food stamps and many other social programs. Still today it pays for many of the programs that are still there,including Acron. Now we want to blame the retirees of this nation, that have paid into it for the last 50 yrs. Medicare is not free to any legal retiree ,the Insurance amount is subtracted from the SS check before it’s mailed to the receiptent. Only illegal aliens are getting free medical care ,GET IT. C O N G R E S S is were the blame lyes. Vote these bas***** out in 2012 . Vote independent and not for any one party. Don’t be a part of the sheep herd.

  4. Paul says:

    Amen – I agree with Dave and Dave!

  5. brendaland says:

    Well I have Been on Social sercurity Disability since 2001 I know deep down in my heart without a doublt i could never work again because of the back surgeries and foot Surgeries and then after that so many spinal procedures, back stimulators, injections you name it i have tried everything and still under my center for spine mangerment Doctor and I live alone and draw such a small amount but i am gratful . I just wish we could get a cola raise to supplement these hard times and also suffer from panic disorder and depression It’s time to really get the people who are just on Meth and other drugs and draw a disability check and just down right using the system THAT’S WHAT IS HURTING THE ONES THAT REALLY NEED IT AND IT’S REALLY BAD IN DALTON , GEORGIA OH REMMEMBER THE WOULDS( ILLEGAL ALIENS)DOES THAT NOT PLAY A FACTOR IN THIS DUH

  6. Kay Miller says:

    Social security belongs to the individuals who worked for it, and any and everybody else sould leave it alone. We didn’t work hard to have greedy politicians try to steal it or balance a budget with it!!!!!!!

  7. steve says:


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