Woman Recovering After Giving Birth On Parkway North

OHIO TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – The father of a newborn baby has proven he can respond to a crisis.

His pregnant wife couldn’t wait until they got to the hospital and the delivery came along the Parkway North Saturday night.

“She said, ‘I can’t wait.’ I looked at her and said, ‘I can’t deliver a baby,’” Matt Richards said.

That was the dilemma Matt and Cetta Richards were facing on their way to the hospital around 9 p.m. Their newborn daughter, Isabella, was ready to come into the world and nothing was going to stop her.

The couple was rushing to West Penn Hospital from Cranberry Township. However, Matt had to pull off the highway to bring his second daughter into the world.

Fortunately, a 911 dispatcher guided him step-by-step through the delivery which only took two minutes.

“Her water broke and she started and she started pushing. Literally, with one push Isabella’s head was out,” Matt said.

“I just knew she wasn’t waiting anymore. I just felt the need to push. Luckily, we were stopped on the road. I had the urge, three pushes later she was completely delivered,” Cetta said.

Matt used his shoestrings to tie off the umbilical cord and a spare tee-shirt to keep his new daughter warm until an ambulance arrived.

He said he was acting strictly on instinct.

“Our first baby, I looked at the wall, didn’t want to see anything going on. But, with this, your instinct take over. You say, ‘Okay, the baby’s coming,’ and you just do it,” Matt said.

As for Cetta , she delivered the baby without any relief for pain, but she said it was all worth it because they now have a healthy 7-pound-3-ounce baby, who is ready to join her 16-month-old sister.


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One Comment

  1. Anonymous says:

    Way to go ! Allegheny County 911…. you did a pretty good job helping to deliver this baby ! And Congrats to both the new mother, and father ! You did a great job delivering your own baby “dad”

  2. Patti Burns says:

    To Anonymous

    Where does the article say a “dad” delivered the baby? Also, where does it state that 911 was even called? Assume much?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Did you even read the article? It said 911 dispatchers guided him through the delivery. He used a shoe string to tie off the umbilical cord. It sounds like he delivered the baby to me. Way to go Matt!!

  3. Amie says:

    We are going to see more incidents like this if we continue to let the UPMC monopoly take over hospitals and close their labor/delivery untis so the only choice women have is the baby factory at Macgee

  4. Anonymous says:

    All we hear about in the news is crime, our country’s debt, etc. It’s nice to hear some positive news for once. You’d be excited if this happened to you or one of your friends.

  5. j says:

    What does magee have to do with anything?
    Sound like she had a precipitous birth or was in labor for most of the day before her doc gave her the ok to come in. Second babies tend to come quicker.
    Labor & Delivery units make no money for the hospital, its full of malpractice law suits. Hospitals close those units to keep from dealing with the liability…

  6. Miss Kelly says:

    Wow, we were all looking forward to hearing about the arrival of baby girl Richards, but we didn’t expect to see it on the news! Congratulations! Way to go Matt! See you at HFCC very soon!

  7. Angel says:

    Praise the Lord at all times.. He is good ,His steadfast love endures for ever and His mercies are new each day.. great is His faithfulness!!!
    The miracle of life from the the almighty.. This is good news ..for the Richards and all new parents. Do you remember the day ..I do .. It was wonderful to see my new baby.. both now 37 and 41.. Babies are born every day by the grace of God .. this is news because it is difficult giving birth but especially in a car and when you do not know what to do. God always sends help and will not give us more than we are able. God bless the Richards family and baby Isabella all the days of her life.. God Bless You All Jesus Loves you.. Open your hearts and let him in..

  8. patti rupert says:

    Congratulations cousins!!! Yes, the NEWS has made it to McKean County, PA! Bless you all!! Love, Patti Rupert

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