NORTH HUNTINGDON (KDKA) — On the first day of classes in a local school district, a football team is dealing with a possible outbreak of hand, foot and mouth disease.

It’s a viral infection characterized first by a fever and then a rash on your hands, feet and the inside of your mouth.

It’s highly contagious but not especially dangerous in the long run.

It started with two members of the Norwin Knights football team, but some people at the school who spoke with KDKA-TV say it could be spreading.

Parents found out after class that two players have contracted hand, foot and mouth disease.

Several teammates told KDKA-TV that despite proactive measures, more players are showing symptoms.

“Well, it’s spreading to a couple of different players, but we’re trying our best to keep it contained and not letting it get anybody else,” Dylan Keffer, a football player, said.

A statement from the Norwin School District reads: “Norwin custodial crews have been directed to provide additional cleaning and disinfecting of the Norwin field house and locker rooms. In a close contact sport like football, the spread of a virus is very difficult to avoid.”

Students who are contagious cannot return until they get a note from their doctor.

Norwin School District
CDC: Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

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