Raiders Select Pryor In Supplemental Draft

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) After a long and arduous road, Terrelle Pryor’s dream of playing in the NFL came true Monday afternoon.

The Oakland Raiders selected the former Ohio State University quarterback with a third-round pick in the NFL Supplemental Draft.

The Jeannette native elected to forego his senior season at Ohio State after a scandal rocked the program, which led to Jim Tressel resigning as the head coach earlier this year.

Pryor was to be suspended for the first five games of the upcoming college football season. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell elected to uphold that suspension in the NFL.

As a result, Pryor will not be allowed to practice or play with the Raiders for the first five weeks of the regular season. However, he can participate in preseason games and practices.

The Raiders will now forfeit their third-round pick in the 2012 draft.


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    • Stabber

      The Raiders still keep to that old trend they have had for decades. They’ll take anyone. You could have a wrap sheet 10 miles long and they will make you starting quarterback. If the Raiders organization had the ability to send scouts to San Quetin prison to look for talent they probably would.

      Al Davis manages to look more like the cryptkeeper with each passing season.

  • Mad Marken

    Does he know that Oakland is in California?

    • 2059

      He might not know where Oakland is but I’d be willing to bet he’s gonna make more money than you’ve ever made.

  • KKnox

    Goes to show, it doesn’t matter what you do if your an athlete, break the law, violate school rules, etc. you will always be rewarded in the end .

  • Shaquellina

    What about finnishing up that comunaction degre?

  • Corey

    Well Pryor will just be another J Russel who will flame out in the NFL. Sorry Pryor but you just don’t have what it takes to be in the NFL. You couldn’t stay around Ohio State and face the music and try to improve your game. Instead you made a foolish mistake and jump to the big boys level. I hope the Steelers plant you into the ground good.

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