Jordan Brown Case Moves To Juvenile Court

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — The case of a Lawrence County boy accused of killing his father’s pregnant fiancée has been moved to juvenile court.

Brown allegedly shot and killed 26-year-old Kenzie Houk in 2009 at their home in New Beaver Township in February of 2009.

He was 11 when he was arrested. Brown was charged with criminal homicide.

He’s alleged to have killed her with a shotgun blast to the head while she slept at the house they shared.

A judge originally ruled he should be tried as an adult, but a Superior Court overturned that ruling.

If convicted as an adult, he’d spend life in prison. If convicted as a juvenile, he can only be held until he’s 21.

The boy’s attorney says they’ve heard from people all over the world who were shocked at the initial ruling.

He says the case belongs in a juvenile court.

“People are surprised all around the world that an 11-year old could face the possibility of being tried as an adult and face the possibility of life in prison without the possibility of parole,” David Acker, a defense attorney, said.

KDKA’s Jon Greiner was unable to get a response from members of the Houk family. They have always vehemently opposed moving the case to juvenile court.

It will be months at least before this gets to trial.

The attorney general’s office says it’s not decided yet whether to appeal today’s ruling.

Stay with KDKA for the latest details.

Jordan Brown Decertification Hearing Goes To Common Pleas Court
Appeal Hearing Held In Jordan Brown Case


One Comment

  1. Deborah Merritt says:

    I am so happy for Jordan having the case moved to the Juvenille Court!

    1. JustSaying says:

      It’s a bad situation either way you look at it. If he was tried as an adult he would have gotten mandatory life. Our tax dollars would have to pay to keep him for the rest of his natural life. As a juvenile he’ll go free when he’s 21 so there’s less expense to the taxpayer. Neither of those two options provide for the penalty he so richly deserves but the death penalty was off the table. I guess we’ll have to be happy with the least expensive option.

    2. Snap His Neck says:

      Maybe he could live with you,you twit

      1. the truth says:

        whats disturbing is knowing a innocent child is being locked up, while the real murderer is out running around…but he cant hide forever.. the truth will come out…

      2. JustSaying says:

        Try to actually read and comprehend what my post said you inbred moron!

    3. debmac says:

      You probably won’t be too happy when this little monster is back out on the streets and he kills again, then it will be too late. This kid is evil. Age doesn’t matter when you can murder an innocent woman in her sleep. He knew exactly what he was doing. Another miscarriage of justice in the U.S. judicial system.

  2. D K says:

    He should be tried as an adult and never be free. He committed premeditated murder at age 10, what will he be capable of at age 21. The possibilities are frightening!

    1. MsCynic says:

      I agree. He put THOUGHT into this – hope he’s NO WHERE near me when they free him!

  3. MiaK says:

    This is an absolute TRAVESTY…..what in the world is happening in this country with our judicial system? Seriously, no wonder the country is falling apart.

  4. marilyn says:

    This is a real shame. If you were on a jury though, could you have convicted an 11 year old of murder and put him away for life? That would be a hard one. Yet at 21 he will be out on the streets and who knows what his state of mind will be. I think he knew what he was doing. He killed the woman and her baby and then went to school as if nothing happened. The whole situation is tragic.

    1. LMM says:

      Yes, I could have convicted him without any hesitation.

  5. jamie says:

    He should have been tried as an adult and locked up. He killed a woman and unborn child at age 10. Yes he was only 10 but the heinous crime warrants a life sentence. God help us all when he turns 18. What a joke the justice system has become.

  6. the truth says:

    leave know stone unturned….as a mother i would want to know who the real person who did this is…. alot of unturned stones….

    1. MsCynic says:

      Oh PLEASE! The evidence against him is impressive. The person that did this is the jealous kid behind bars!

    2. the REAL truth says:

      yea, and maybe he and OJ can go find the real killers. you moron.

  7. Heather says:

    I’m not sure why people don’t grasp that children can be monsters too. Scary as it is, sometimes people just aren’t born right…no fault of those who raised them.

  8. kathie says:

    the truth,,,,,,, why do you think someone ELSE did this… They know it was him.. face the facts. I think he needs to pay for what he did and not just until he is 21. I mean for LIFE…..

  9. Missi Huffman says:

    Thank God. I would like to know what happen to a speed trial and what happen to innocent until proven guilty. Three years now, how is this boy going to get his life back? Good Luck Buddy and lots of prayers to you and your family. I am truly sorry that family members were lost.

    1. D K says:

      How does the woman he murdered in her sleep get her life back? Or how does her dead unborn child get the life it never had because of Jordan? If you can kill at 10 he will kill again when released. He is a sociopath.

  10. the truth says:

    Honestly dont get why ppl dont c all the unturned stones.. open ur eyes n ears…there is someone out there running around, laughing at the fact they got away with murder n a kid is takn the fall.. My heart breaks for both families, but i would want to b 100 percent sure who did this…they had it wrapped up in less than 24 hrs.. .. REALLY… i just pray someday the truth comes out so that both families can have closure n peace…My heart goes out to the boys father.. He has been shunned by many.. for what reason..He lost everything…a woman he loved n worked to provide unborn son,.2 beautiful little girls whom he wanted to adopt, and he gets crusified for standing beside his 11 yr old son, who to this day pleads his INNOCENSE…. imagine what he has gone through…As a parent what would u do????….

    1. MsCynic says:

      It was wrapped up in 24 hours because they had all of the evidence – because it was done be a child and while the murder was DEFINITELY premeditated, the covering of the evidence was not as well thought out (I’d say Thank goodness, but since this sociopath will be out in a few years, maybe not).

      While I do feel sorry for the Dad, freeing a murderer is not my choice of reward. There is something DEEPLY wrong with this kid, & while you can protect him when he’s a child, when he gets free and does this (or worse), hopefully someone will throw away the key or whatever is necessary to NOT have him walking around in society…

  11. Sad says:

    Some people are just off their rocker; they are born that way. He is one of them. Release him at 21 and its only a matter of time before it is someone else.

    1. MsCynic says:

      Yep. there is something not wired right in that kid. There are enough serial killers that started serious violence young – typically animals, but he started with a woman and her unborn child.

  12. ej says:

    @thetruth…you seem delusional. You are throwing out all these conspiracy theories, and making yourself sound and look very unintelligent. When you are going to try and make a strong point and use all capitalized letters to stress the word, please use a dictionary for the CORRECT spelling.

  13. Roz says:

    This is a true shame. You don’t keep a rabid dog, you put it down before it can hurt someone.

    He will kill again once the little monster is freed.

  14. Dan says:

    I’m torn. Part of me wants to think that a 10yo couldn’t understand the magnitude of what he was doing. In which case sending him to prison for life seems extreme. On the other hand I think it’s just as wrong to have his record expunged at the age of 21. Even if it’s dealt in juvy I think somehow this needs to follow him on a permanent record.

    1. MsCynic says:

      He knew enough to use a pillow as a silencer…and carry the shell casing outside (although he did drop it in the driveway). Sorry, he wanted her gone and he made it happen – don’t be surprised to see that face again in a few years, although I’m wagering they’ll change his name so he doesn’t have the ‘stigma’ attached to him….as well he should though.

      1. hi says:

        excuseme? A pillow as a silencer? MsCynic. Where did you get that lie?, please provide the source that says that he used a pillow as a silencer. LOL. Such a pathetic liar you are. Like the rest of those who will prefer to see an innocent child in prison than the real murderer in prison.

    2. MsCynic says:

      Going by the initial reports, I believe the first day actually.
      Pathetic liar, WOW, amazingly rude individual actually…..

      1. hi says:

        you right. sorry about that. I mean about the rude part not that you are right about the pillow thing.

  15. Believer says:

    Only god should judge this child.

    1. Pico says:

      but he should still rot in jail until his time comes to meet his maker.

    2. dr michael says:

      Then when something like this happens to your family, you will certainly be singing a different song

  16. JEANNE says:

    I have been following the case from the beginning. I am very happy the case went to juvenile. I believe there was a rush to judgment and he is innocent. I think the investigation was rushed because it was in the middle of a big election for the district attorney. There were major suspects that were skipped over and this boy has been incarcerated and convicted before the media for a crime he did not even commit. THE REAL SHAME IS ALL YOU PEOPLE TALKING LIKE YOU KNOW SOMETHING. TAKE THE TIME TO READ ABOUT THE CASE BEFORE YOU CONVICT AN CHILD!!!

    1. Dena K says:

      Not sure what case you have been following but it’s not this one There was never a doubt Jordan murdered her, just an indecision on whether he was to be tried as a child or an adult.

    2. Pico says:

      The real shame is this murderer will be out in seven years…

      I guess since you “read about the case” in the newspaper or local chat website you are now an expert in the case and we shouldn’t believe the investigation which has shown that this little devil is the murderer…

      Since you are the expert …who are these major suspects you speak of and what evidence shows he is innocent? Please enlighten us all.

      PS – do you have to be an “expert” to use all caps, or can we all do it?

    3. Debbie says:

      get a life bimbo, the little “B” is guilty and knew exactly what he was doing. When “planning” to commit murder, I am sure he had an idea of how he was going to get out of it, if caught. He and the idiot attorney representing him were banking on the fact that he was still considered a “child” at the time. So, the message I am getting from this is that if you are under the age of 18, you have the right to murder anyone you chose and get away with it because you ar a child? Hopefully the little “B” will get his sooner or later. I hate him and those that support and enable him to be what he is.

    4. DAVE says:

      Let me get this straight…it’s a real shame that we express our opinion, but it’s okay for you to express yours? Hypocrite much?

      Sorry, let me use caps to prove my point. I HAVE READ ABOUT THE CASE AND BELIEVE HE’S GUILTY!

  17. Jamie says:

    I think he should have been tried as an adult and set a precedent for other cases similar to his because trust me Im sure he isn’t the only kid to have committed this terrible murder. It was premeditated even if he was 11 years old. He used the blanket to cover his gun and he put the gun back and lied about seeing a truck, etc.

    1. THE TRUTH says:


  18. windblows says:

    This is great news!!!! I am so happy the judge did the right thing. It is so wrong to put this child through this. He is innocent! I am so happy for this ruling!

    1. MsCynic says:

      Put this ‘child’ through this???? Seriously, this ‘child’ who went into a sleeping (pregnant) woman’s bedroom with a rifle, put a pillow over her head and SHOT HER DEAD while her unborn child died in her womb….. Oh yeah, GREAT day for justice…..

  19. Sandra says:

    Justice finally !!! Shame it took so long!

    1. MsCynic says:

      Not exactly my definition of justice…..

  20. Hillary says:

    Alas God hand has taken hold of this case! I pray for his freedom! I have been supporting this child from the beginning. I have been in contact with him, have sent him books, and have learned a lot about the case and the child. I am very pleased with Judge Motto’s ruling. He did the right thing. I pray for Jordan’s freedom to come soon! Thank-God!

    1. D K says:

      It truly frightens me that people like you pray to free a murderer, no matter what his age. I guess you’d like Charlie Manson released as well.

    2. MsCynic says:

      Aww, you’re SO sweet!! Please let him move in with or right beside you when he’s released….just make sure you have a reliable lock on your bedroom door!

  21. dr michael says:

    This kid is guilty, that doesnt take a brain surgeon to figure that out. So what do we do?? Execution aseems so harsh yet the reality of the matter is that this kid knew what he was doing. This is real life, sorry no second chances

  22. windblows says:

    The indictment was based on a seven year-old third interview and an illegal interrogation at the school the day of shootings. The police woman deemed it was for “information” so the judge allowed it in. Later she was quoted as saying “everyone” was a suspect this a.m. The child thought he saw a black truck on the interview. He thought this was the farm personnel. Behold, the x-lover of the victim that had protective orders on him and just learned he was not the father of one of her children through DNA, owns a black truck.

    This child is innocent. There was a major problem with this case from the beginning. I am so glad the case is in juvenile court. Now I hope to God he is freed and the people involved in this sleazy mess learn a lesson!

  23. Hillary says:

    God Bless America! The Judge has scruples! He lives!!!!

    1. Woofie Wifflenuts says:

      You are a delusional religeous nut-case…….Maybe you could marry him when he gets out……Bride of Chuckie

  24. me says:

    just one question? are you all guys (I mean all of those who claims Jordan is guilty), members of the houks family? because that would explain such a bunch of miserable cowards.

    1. MsCynic says:

      So you are a member of the kid’s family??? I don’t have ANY relation to the houks family, or even first hand knowledge of the family. I only know what has been seen in the news, as a lot of people have. Based on media reports, it would seem definite that this kid did it….period. Nothing personal, just not a big fan of murderers – regardless of age.

      correction regarding the pillow silencer reference, they originally stated it was a blanket that had a burn hole in it.

      1. me says:

        lol Mscynic I’ve been trying again and again answer you back to this post for some reason It didn’t come through. I only can imagine why. Anyway I’ll try again
        Oh yeah, you mean the old cigarrete burn. yeah the first prosecutor told that right? I mean the same prosecutor that is now being investigated for corruption.

      2. me says:

        No I’m not a family member of the kid’s family. I don’t have ANY realtion to the Brown family. I only know what I have seen in the news and other places like the link above. Based on that, it would seem definite that this kid didn’t do it…. period. Nothing personal, just not a big fan of an innocent child paying for the cime of an adult.

      3. MsCynic says:

        I’d like to see all the evidence in the case, but that won’t happen UNTIL it all goes to court, so it’s a catch 22. Personally I just want justice for this poor woman. If the kid didn’t do it, then God bless him – he’s going to be in therapy for a long time anyway after all of this (anyone would be). If the kid DID do it, I have no pity for him or anyone capable of murdering someone in cold blood while they slept – that’s the stuff of nightmares for anyone.

        I am just not for saying anyone should be let out because they are a ‘child’…if someone is capable of killing someone like that, they should not be walking the streets. Yes, I do believe ‘children’ are capable of real violence and evil, society has gotten more and more terrifying. It’s been proven a lot in the past years, makes me feel old just seeing some things people (and children) do to others.

        Again, if he didn’t do it, then he’s going to NEED all the support that can be found & his family should get COMPLETELY refunded of all court costs….

    2. Pico says:

      Nope, I just hate murderers being set free after only a short time.

      1. me says:

        well Pico, sorry to be the one who brings the news to you but the murderer is already been free for over 2 years and a half now. Pico, what about innocent kids paying for crimes adult commits. Do you hate that? Or you just don’t care.

  25. pittgirl says:

    This kid isn’t innocent and there is no way he should be free at 21, he knew what he was doing!! Hope he gets what he has coming to him..

  26. bridget Renea says:

    If I type this real slow will anyone be able to read it. The media RARELY reports the whole truth, that’s the first thing everyone needs to understand. Beyond that, if an eleven year old could murder a woman at close range, clean up the scene, clean up himself, his clothes, etc. etc he would not only be a rocket scientist but a prime candidate for a paid assassin.

    I read the story and this is what I found very interesting. A four year old child races up to the tree trimmers and tells them her mommy is dead. ANY normal person would call an ambulance while running into the home to check the woman. Because, really, would a four year old know if a person was dead? More likely she had passed out, was in a diabetic coma or a number of other LOGICAL things. But the tree trimmer claims he tried to call the owner to get permission to enter the house and when he couldn’t reach him he called the police. Why didn’t he call an ambulance? Someone suggested they wouldn’t want to enter a home where someone had been murdered. Who the hell would think someone was murdered unless they killed her??

    There were two sets of tracks; The kids and the tree trimmers. The trimmers could see everyone that came and went. Which is more logical? Who killed the woman? An eleven year old who flawlessly cleaned up the scene and went to school? Or a tree.trimmer who could look inside the door, shoot her and walk away. Who, by the way, was never questioned as a suspect. That’s ace detective work.

    1. MsCynic says:

      Please tell me where the tree trimmer story you are referring to is?

  27. pittgirl says:

    Oh Please!!!

    1. bridget renea says:

      With an argument as solid as “Oh Please!!!” I could ALMOST see the error of my ways but, in the end, I have to stand by my statement.

      Good argument though. Well thought out and filled with facts, you moron.

  28. jacob baker says:

    If he were a different race the case would have been still in the adult courts. I’m just saying the justice system only works for some Jordan Brown and Casey Anthony.

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