Low Job Approval Ratings For Ravenstahl

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — As Mayor Luke Ravenstahl reaches his fifth anniversary as mayor, residents in the city of Pittsburgh give him low marks for job performance.

That’s according to Civic Science Inc., a local high-tech market research firm using software technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University.

“Empirically, his approval rating has hovered really around 19 to 20 percent which probably isn’t terribly flattering,” says John Dick, CEO of the company.

Dick says more than 27,000 people in the city, suburbs, and around the country have rated Ravenstahl.

In Pittsburgh, only 19 percent of city residents approve the mayor’s performance — with 48 percent disapproving — and 33 percent have no opinion.

Outside the city, 20 percent approve of Ravenstahl’s conduct — 45 percent disapprove — and 35 percent have no opinion.

Ravenstahl gets his best approval ratings from those who live more than a hundred miles from Pittsburgh.

Some 31 percent of those who don’t live nearby approve his work — 21 percent disapprove — and 48 percent have no opinion.

While Dick says Civic Science is not a political polling firm, his tech savvy employees have designed a research technique that he says guarantees results.

“We’ve done a lot of analysis, had a lot of academic papers written about our methodology, and found that we’re very good at sampling local community.”

Which is why, when pressed by KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano, Dick says he has no doubt about the numbers behind the community’s disapproval of Ravenstahl.

Delano: “Do you think these numbers are accurate?”

Dick: “Absolutely.”

Delano: “No question about it?”

Dick: “No question about it. We’re staking our business on it.”

Civic Science says the mayor’s low approval ratings have been remarkably consistent over the last six months.

Whether accurate or not, these polls are just a snapshot of today, not a predictor of any future election.

And the good news for the mayor is that he is not on the ballot until the spring of 2013 — more than a lifetime in politics.

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One Comment

  1. marilyn says:

    I can see why… he is never around when the City is dealing with something. Take the flood, for instance, he was out of town then. Take the snowstorm in February, he was out of town then. The only times I see him is in the SEEN column in the Post-Gazette. He always seems to make it for photo opportunities and socials. Then he announced he was going to the services for the individuals who died in the flood. A little too late Mayor!

    1. Olga says:

      Hey marilyn he is the Mayor of a major US city………he spell’s his name with capital letters and he gets his photo in the Seen column because people want to SEE him. He won’t be at your funeral service because no one else will either

      1. Harley says:

        Way to go Olga no one mentions positives only negatives about this Mayor. Mike Huss the safety director is taking care of the flood issue and getting that information back to Mayor Ravenstahl. .

  2. 2059 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. marilyn says:

    Hello Olga….. a little bit bitter I gather. First, I spell my name with capital letters too. I am sure that the families who lost loved ones would have liked tohave See their pictures somewhere else besides the obituary section. Well if the Mayor cannot make my funeral, Olga, can you at least come? I will save you a seat…..

  4. Douglass says:

    I called the 311 Mayor’s number years ago when there were serious criminal issues going on in Brookline near my house. NEVER received a call back or anything. The crime kept going on and I finally moved out. Too bad. Young family leaving again. (The police did everything they could, but to not even have a return phone call from the Mayor’s office after several attempts sealed the deal. Perhaps he was at another country music concert each time I called.)

  5. Marty says:

    hey doug, the mayor doesn’t call you back he has people who take care of whiny people like you, glad to hear you moved where are you now McKees Rocks?


      His office doesn’t reply because they are a bunch of lazy COMMUNIST / DEMOCRATS down there at the mayor’s office,
      Get your facts straight Marty you ridiculous dude

    2. Douglass DMD says:

      Thanks Marty………… I never said I expected THE MAYOR to return the call just someone from the office staff. Apparently you didn’t learn those decoding skills in school. Oh well, I moved to Mt.Lebanon with my family and doctorate degree. Whiny? Just looking out for the good people who vote Republican and want to see change for the better instead of the same old same old. I wish you well.

      1. Ron says:

        While I agree change is necessary I dont see any republican coming in and making all this big change. Although I agree Luke is a joke. The 311 line is a joke and half the people that workl there dont do anything and are rude to the people that call in. Nice one Marty “glad to hear you moved where are you now McKees Rocks?”

  6. JustSaying says:

    He’s a Mayor in title only. His actions or rather lack thereof speak volumes about his political abilities. He WILL get re-elected because Pittsburgh voters certainly aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer! Pittsburgh gets what Pittsburgh deserves but it does provide for comedic relief to those of us in the surrounding counties!

    1. marilyn says:

      To JustSaying……. I agree!!!

  7. critter says:

    he is a democrat. enough said

  8. Dave says:

    LMAO! Perfect analogy.

  9. Dave says:

    Of course his ratings are down. What the heck has he done for the city!?!?! Nothing….at least nothing GOOD. But as was stated above, he’ll get reelected.

  10. Tony in Beechview says:

    Everyday no matter what he says or does it drives Bill Peduto and Doug Shields crazy…….I love it

  11. MustafaJohnson says:

    Why do you think it’s called “Pits” burgh? 275 Years of Democratic rule, you all should be in paradise by now. Is it true you only have one lever on your voting machines? I’ve heard the other ones have all been removed.

  12. Luke, er....I mean...JOHN says:

    Luke is the nicest guy ever and deserves his job more than any of you. KDKA is so anti-Luke it disgusts me. Leave my handsome, well deserving, hard working friend alone!!!

  13. Bruce USA says:

    Until the “Democratic blinders” come off. and Pittsburgher’s start voting with their brains and not what ‘s “popular”, maybe we’ll vote in somebody that will get things done around here!!! Till then, live with the personalized trash cans, cronyism and the let’s party attitude. Wait till a loved one of his dies or gets hurt by something he could have done something about. No, I don’t even think that will make a difference! Party on Luke!!!

  14. Ron says:

    The 311 line is under staffed. They couldnt call people back if they wanted. I live in Overbrook, and as soon as I dont have to pay the Govt back for that home buyer tax credit, Im out. This city is out of its mind, the blind leading the deaf, a bunch of morons, like the other guy a young family moving out of the city, and I like my neighborhood, but the city givernment is ridiculous and the waste of my tax dollars is just plain irresponsible, cant wait to leave, O and yea Luke is a moron who is never SEEN anywhere, although if Im mayor and i can take a homeland security vehicle to a concert i would

  15. 1-2-3 says:

    The mayor takes care of the Unions, citizens don’t matter. He’s a puppet Mayor.

  16. Harley says:

    Luke Ravenstahl will be re-elected again because the voters liked him from the beginning. In my opinion he is not riding dirty like Sen. Brewster when he was the McKeesport mayor, Brewster and his cronies should be censured by their peers for the Crawford Village rent fraud scheme.

  17. j says:

    I think at the next election we should vote him OUT !. His rating is a big “F”. Remember the big snow storm?. He is way too young and doesn’t listen to what the people want A.K.A. keeping the Civic Arena. Hey Lukie let’s tear down all Pittsburgh’s one of a kind landmarks.

  18. FedUp says:

    Mayor Luke, aka the boy mayor, knows that his window of opportunity to be seen and known is relatively short. His love of the limelight is why he never misses an opportunity to act as a celebrity. He knows that when his run as Mayor ends nobody will pay him any attention. He won’t get invited to any high profile gatherings. He will become just another face in the crowd. So, he tries to make the most of it now, at the expense of the people who put him in this position.

  19. just loving it says:

    I think this stuff is funny does it really matter? Remember Tom Murphy he killed this city, they kept putting him in office. cause he will give the committee people Dic$ jobs with great pay. Soon this city will look like ghost town i cant wait until next census the city will have less then 300,000 and the county of Pittsburgh will also be less, will have more people dying then moving into this county.

    1. MsCynic says:

      True, people will keep voting the ‘party line’ until there’s nothing left, but they’ll complain non stop.
      Majority of Mt Washington now Section 8 properties – most vacant, remainder trashed, but no one cares. Regret ever buying there, and when I get the opportunity, will move OUTSIDE of the city. Sad part is my house is worthless, so am pretty much trapped – Thanks so much Luke!!!

  20. Common sense says:

    We need real leadership! we need Corey O’Conner to save whats left of Pittsburgh !!!!!!!!!

    1. Re Elect Luke says:

      Yeah another kid who’s family business is professional politician, and Marty Griffin can follow him around like a puppy

  21. kristy says:

    this city’s dying. pittsburgh’s more of a ghost town than ever, parking rates increased, exorbitant amounts are spent on specialty trash cans yet the litter is horrific, parking meters are now having be used almost 24/7 so even fewer people want to frequent the city, port authority’s a joke, etc. need i go on? my hair salon got the he!! out of the city for these reasons and moved to lawrenceville,w here the business has now increased.

Comments are closed.

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