‘Ticket Fixing’ Concerns Dormont Borough Manager, Police Chief

DORMONT (KDKA) — The police chief and borough manager in Dormont are accusing the mayor of ticket fixing.

It turns out the mayor has dismissed thousands of tickets over the years and now the Allegheny County District Attorney is getting involved.

One car is familiar to folks writing parking tickets. It’s had at least 35 in one year. All of the tickets were dismissed by Dormont Mayor Thomas Lloyd when the officer was acting chief at the time.

“If the chief happened to be on borough business throughout the borough and was at a parking meter and got a citation and he got it dismissed, I don’t see anything wrong with that,” Lloyd said.

Lifetime Dormont resident John Castriota says the mayor has dismissed at least six of his tickets and he loves him for it.

“He’s such a nice guy,” he said.

Folks in Dormont with four, five, six – even 35 tickets dismissed think the mayor’s a good guy, that what he’s doing keeps folks here doing business in the community.

“I don’t know. I guess if you know the right people you get your ticket fixed,” Dormont Borough Manager Gino Rizza said.

He calls it dollars and cents and says $30,000 worth of tickets have been dismissed in a year and a half.

“That’s a police car,” Rizza said. “They’re worried about cuts and public safety – that’s a police car right there.”

Records provided by Dormont Police Chief Richard Dwyer show nearly 100,000 worth of tickets written, nearly $30,000 worth of tickets dismissed.

The chief says most of them were dismissed by the mayor.

“It just seems to just keep spiraling out of control here,” he said.

The police chief, who was recently suspended by the mayor, accused of abandoning his duties only to be reinstated by the borough manager, goes one step further with his allegations.

“Unless there’s some statutory authority for him to dismiss tags, I would think it was against the law,” Dwyer said.

The mayor is defiant and showed KDKAT-V the book where he keeps record of every ticket he dismissed – thousands over the years.

“Personally, I dismissed last year a little over $3,000 worth. Can’t buy a police car for that unless you’re buying it at Joe G’s car lot,” he said.

The mayor says he’s just doing what every mayor has done and he’s certainly not breaking the law and not giving political favors.

“No … no,” he said. “I wouldn’t do that – political favors.”

The Allegheny County District attorney’s office says Dormont has no guidelines or ordinances about who can dismiss traffic tickets and needs one.

“Failure to do so will continue to lead people to believe that tickets are being fixed by certain borough officials,” the DA said. “It’s important to note that a traffic ticket is not a criminal instrument.”

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One Comment

  1. Ace says:

    Tom is the mayor, he makes people who get a ticket come into his office sit down and explain Why they should have the ticket tossed. I love a guy like him, Marty cried and whined about his friends getting tickets downtown but he goes after a man who does good for Dormont…..Get out and stay out,

  2. Critter says:

    Dormont is a comedy. They should be a part of the city of Pittsburgh.

  3. TJM says:

    Tickets get fixed in every single town in the USA.. I don’t see a issue with that!!

  4. Mayor tom says:

    TJM, no “a” before a vowel. You should have used “an”. Just saying….

    1. GrammarPoliceFTW says:

      Mayor Tom, proper names receive capitalization. Using ellipsis correctly requires the use of three periods, not four… Using quotation marks to end a sentence requires that any punctuation reside within the quotation mark (e.g. Bill said, “Grammar is fun.”).

  5. Dormont resident says:

    From a long time Dormont resident, if this is the biggest issue the manager can find, send her my way. Parking is an issue and if fixing some tickets supports local business owners, great. Instead of focusing on ticket fixing, how about making an issue of the graffiti, the unsightly trash bins near Potomac or snow plowing of “special” streets. How about you focus on creating Community Oriented Police (cops) who walk the beat, get to know their neighbors. Fixing tickets? Give me a break.

  6. Capt. America says:

    Exactly. Be upset about the filth allowed to ‘hang out’ near the T stations. Be upset about me not comfortable taking my kids for a walk anymore to the library because of the punks hanging out intimidating us.

  7. seriously says:

    OK sure it’s a “problem”. I personally don’t care, which one of us really does, we’ll all forget about this in a few weeks. So instead I invite you all to laugh at…


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    . You should keep it up forever! Good Luck.

    August 25, 2011 at 2:52 am | Reply | Report comment

    What does that even mean?

  8. Dr. Griffino says:

    The US attorney’s office will be looking into this.

  9. Doug Shields says:

    If Mayor Luke did this Marty and Bill Peduto would try to have him impeached

  10. Dormont Supporter (not) says:

    The disaster called Dormont is halarious. I love how they keep making the news over the most ridiculous stuff. Please keep it up it makes for great news. O and why are the police writing so many tickets, so they can buy a new police car, and that police chief cant even fit in a police car what is he worried about. And Rizza or Rizzo whatever looks funny.

  11. JustSaying says:

    Thank you Dormont for providing the surrounding counties/communities with comedic relief, much the way the city of Pittsuburgh does! Every time I read a story involving Dormont or Pittsburgh goverment (or rather the lack thereof) I can hear the Looney Tunes playing in my head! Keep up the ‘good’ work.

  12. Gina says:

    Never trust an Italian with red hair

  13. So What? says:

    Channel 4 and 11 where there also and they didn’t even bother to put this story on the air…….

  14. Inside looking out says:

    This is the problem in living in a small town. You have Mayors and Councilmen who believe that they are living in some major metropolis and think they can do whatever they want. Dormont is turning into a joke at its resident’s expense. The State or County should come in and take charge—if the Elected Officials can’t run a twelve man police department—they are not qualified to run a whole town.

  15. Beggs Kid says:

    Dormont is becoming an attractive community for young families to put down roots. this despite a group of busybodies that think progress is a four letter word. All this bad press is not the fault of the manager and council it lies at the feet of the the mayor and some in the police department that don’t like ANYBODY asking questions about how they are using tax dollars. Its wrong and it needs to change.

    1. What, you've got to be kidding! says:

      Now that’s funny! Here’s some advise folks, Mt Lebanon is just a few blocks away. They have a council that is civil to one another and to the community, a manager that is professional, top rated schools in the state, and are actually supportive of their pubic safety officials and programs. And at last count I think dormont has at least what 12 bars in it’s less than 1 square mile town. Not exactly family friendly.

  16. LisaG says:

    How much does it cost? You’ve got to pay someone to write the tickets, cost of printing tickets and someone has to process them….only to have them fixed? Sounds like waste of money. If parking is an issue, and you’re only going to let them go anyway, why write them to begin with? Unless you are only fixing SOME of the tickets…..so who gets their tickets fixed? Hmmmm?

  17. what now says:

    This town’s council has no embarrassment! I’m not sure why they continue to blacken the eye of Dormont.Who in their right mind would move there? What a joke and this manager actually thinks he can buy a police car for $30,000…I’d like to see that hunk of junk! Rumor has it he too has had tickats dismissed, of course he forgot to let the reporter know that. No worries for him tough, he reportedly has a nice placert to put in his vehicle window “official business” which exempts him from any illegal parking he does in Dormont. What a piece of work…where did they find this guy?

    1. Beggs Kid says:

      Where do I start, if you look on the website for Dormont you will see that they did buy a new police car this year for around $25,000 (strike one) At this point if Gino Rizza had any tickets dismissed it would be on any one of the media outlets her in Pgh and its not (strike two) He was born and raised in Dormont which allowed him to know just where the waste was in dormont finances (strike three) Three strikes…Yer out!

      1. Obviously says:

        Beggs – you left out the part where the car he purchased at a “discount” was not a true police car – the back doors unlocked and a prisoner escaped. Rizza is a power-mad moron as are the majority of the dolts on Council. Pad the solicitor’s legal bills with ridiculous lawsuits. At least a few of them will be gone in January.

      2. what now says:

        LOL so the police vehicle he purchased is the generic version, not a suprise. Oh and Beggs (strick 3) if the only thing that you can come back with that qualifies this man to be borough manager is the fact that he has lived there his entire life, well I guess you probably have an enitre community filled with people that are qualified to do the job. Why waist time on this guy who can’t seem to get along with anyone. Part of a mangers job is to work “with ” all departments in the borough and from what I understand none of the department heads can stand to be in the same room with the guy? I think Dormont deserves better and can do better than this guy.

  18. Daniel Lloyd says:

    This person who claims to be my father “Mayor tom.’ This person is not the True Mayor of the Borough of Dormont. Please didn’t listen to him. My father is taking the high road and hasn’t and would not reply in this way.
    Daniel Lloyd

  19. marg1 says:

    If laws are ignored, there should be no laws.

    Ah, the feeling of power. You sit at your desk and the peasants come to you (like the godfather) and ask for favors. By the very weight of your pen you grant those favors.

    This act is remembered at voting time.

    Something stinky here.

    1. Obviously says:

      Ya it is the majority on borough council and manager who are trying to railroad the mayor, who, confirmed by the PA Mayor’s Association, has the authority to dismiss tickets. What are they hiding? What are they faining – probably getting payoffs. They are trying to smear a well-known and well-respected mayor and it ain’t working. The stink you smell is the feces the manager and council are flinging.

  20. Burghnerdman says:

    I am a resident of The City of Pittsburgh. I do however, have relations that live in Dormont. I can understand if the Mayor would dismiss parking tickets for handicap persons, or other situations that warrent that action. Say, if a person has a terminal cancer or something. COMMON SENSE. I don’t agree parking tickets should be dismissed otherwise. Maybe 5-10 a year. If more than that are dismissed, there is something wrong here. (ONE SQUARE MILE)
    By the way, you can’t get a ticket fixed in the City of Pittsburgh. It is all computerized. You have your day in court, the way it should be in Dormont.

  21. Olga says:

    This isn’t news!

  22. brian says:

    How sad. Dormont is an extension of the ghost town we know as downtown Pgh. It is a place that hasn’t had their road paved since the civil war. It’s a place that barely keeps its only attraction open because theres never enough money (dormont pool) This is because people never learn on election day. Same old, same old.

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