City Council Wants Details On Storm Water Management

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh City Council calls for post agenda session with the administration on storm water management in light of the Washington Boulevard tragedy.

Councilman Patrick Dowd says council has requested specifics on storm water management from the administration since February of 2010.

“At this point, we have heard nothing from the administration officially as to what their position is regarding storm water management,” Dowd said. “And so, I was merely asking if we have a cablecast post agenda.”

Dowd sits on the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority board. He also says Allegheny River Boulevard because of its elevation at the end of Washington Boulevard, creates a dam effect and that too should be address.

Councilman Doug Shields refers to a performance review of the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority conducted in 2009 which raises questions about how the authority operates.

“One of the items in the report notes over 20 years, the executive director average term in the position is 1.5 years,” he said. “The CFO has rolled over five or six times. The chief engineering – you know, when you have that kind of churning inside of an organization, private, nonprofit or whatever, it’s not going to be a strong organization.”

He says those issues will be addressed at the post agenda session next month.

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One Comment

  1. Mayor of GBD says:

    Raise the elevation of the roadway another 10-12 feet. Install two additional 100″ diameter storm drain lines that slope down all the way to the river. The “fill” would come from roadway construction work, building demolitions and the grassy area nearest Allegheny River Blvd. Dig a massive retention pond there, around 60 feet deep, 600′ long and 200′ wide, or how ever big that lot is, to swallow up the overflow during torrential downpours.

    There Lukie, problem solved…no mail me a check. I just saved you $100K in design study funds.

    1. josh sharkey says:

      I will second the motion for that.

  2. Mother Nature says:

    Close the road and make it a Green space like it was in the first place

  3. josh sharkey says:

    I geuss we have to wait for more lives lost before action will be taken. While they argue about each others terms on council other lives are at stake because the problem has still yet to be resolved. Washington blvd has been a flooding problem for years. Someones life have to be lost before anyone starts to care. I feel emergency actions should be taken to solve the problem. No matter what it takes. Cost or cause.

  4. Mother Nature says:

    Its called Negley Run, close the road , let the stream flow and it’s a safe Green Space

  5. Critter says:

    keep electing democrats. this is what u get

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