(STOWE TOWNSHIP) — Police are looking for suspects responsible for a vandalism spree though at least two local communities this week.

According to authorities, someone has been using a pellet or BB gun to shoot out the windows of dozens of vehicles.

The incidents apparently started in Stowe Township on Wednesday night. Last night, the vandal or vandals targeted vehicles parked in Kennedy Township — shattering the windshields and side windows.

“I actually got in my car, closed my door — my driver’s side door and the whole side of my van window just cracked,” Anne Wattich told KDKA-TV. “Why would you do that?” Wattich asked. “I mean it was a senseless act — [an] irresponsible act.”

Bill Heiber says damage to his truck is estimated between $1200 to $1500. “I was very upset and basically in disbelief… Why in the world would you shoot at somebody else’s property?”

Officials believe the suspects are juveniles.

Although police are looking into the incidents, Heiber said he isn’t holding out hope. “There’s someone to blame, but I don’t know whether we’re ever going to find out who they are.”

But if and when police catch those responsible, they — or their parents — will have to pay restitution and damages.

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