SOUTH PARK TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police show up at parties and sometimes take people away inside police cars, but the chief in South Park wants to know why people wound up posing on top of police cars this weekend.

Photos of men and women on the roof, hood and trunk of two police cars hit the internet and that’s raising questions.

Chief Joe Ferrelli says it’s embarrassing for the department and that the officers have to answer questions about how it happened. He also says both cars have minor dents and scratches.

But Jeff Kalfas, who threw the party, says he believes the officers were out back behind his house and never even saw what was going on in the front.

Kaflas says he invited the veteran officers over because he wanted a police presence at his picnic so no one would overindulge.

He says his daughter was involved in the picture taking and that she posted the photos on her Facebook page. Kaflas says he’s angry about it and says the officers are good guys.

Chief Ferrelli says the officers were on duty and had nothing to drink. He says they stayed 20 minutes to a half-hour, and says there’s nothing wrong with them stopping by a picnic thrown by citizens under those circumstances.

He says there’s an investigation into the incident, and it’s unclear at this point if the officers knew that any photos were being taken.

But two men who say they were in the pictures, one of whom is very apologetic, says the officers had no idea what the young people were doing.

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