PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A veteran Pittsburgh police officer accused of operating a prostitution service is speaking out.

Michael Johns, of Brookline, is also accused of taking women to buy drugs.

Sources tell KDKA-TV’s Marty Griffin that investigators are looking for a connection between Johns and two former Pittsburgh police officers – also recently investigated and arrested on prostitution charges.

One of the former officers was arrested in June.

Marty Griffin (to Michael Johns): You had no involvement with the two other officers charged in prostitution rings?

Johns: I was advised by my attorney not to comment on any criminal allegations.

The criminal complaint alleges Officer Johns rented luxury cars, used them to transport prostitutes and provided them with drugs and needles to use heroin.

Also in the criminal complaint, is a reference to missing Mt. Washington woman, Alivia Kail. Her name was on a piece of paper on a key ring.

Johns’ attorneys say he has no connection to any of this.

Marty Griffin: He wasn’t involved in drugs or prostitution, sir?

Jim Ecker: He’s pled not guilty and he will plead not guilty.

When asked if he knew the missing 19-year-old, Johns said he did not know her.

Police sources say they are relatively convinced that he did not know her, but they continue that investigation.

Officer Johns is on paid administrative leave.

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