Pittsburgh Police Officer Charged In Prostitution Ring

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Pittsburgh police officer is facing serious charges after being accused of running a prostitution ring.

He may also have a link to a girl that has been missing for months.

After months of investigating, charges were filed against Michael Johns.

Detectives believe Johns was running a prostitution ring and was involved with the purchase and transport of heroin.

Johns is also being linked to Alivia Kail, who has been missing since March.

During a routine traffic stop in April, police discovered a male driver and an admitted escort.

Police found a small piece of paper on a key ring, with Alivia’s name in the pocket of the driver.

According to police, the car had been rented by Johns.

This sparked an intense investigation into Johns who told detectives he did not know Kail and had never met her.

During the investigation, police said they were able to link Johns to a prostitution ring.

According to police, Johns allegedly paid thousands of dollars to post online advertisements.

One advertisement said, “We provide erotic entertainment and more than just stripping.”

He also allegedly gave an escort cell phones to promote her services.

Johns is also accused of taking two escorts to buy heroin on multiple occasions.

The escorts told police that Johns kept needles at his apartment and he liked to watch them get high.

Johns was arrested following a heroin bust, in which he was driving a taxi.

He had allegedly taken two confidential informants on a drug run and 19 bags of heroin were recovered.


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One Comment

  1. Dave says:

    Wow – this really gives new meaning to the word “Johns” doesn’t it? And people wonder why Pittsburgh can’t clean up the streets – pretty hard to do when the very people who are supposed to protect you are working in cohoots with criminal element. Pathetic!

    1. Sonjia Jones says:


  2. Robert says:

    It is only one of many Dave…This isnt the majority of the officers employed by the city. Maybe, If the city would pay thier officers a half decent wage and lift residency requirements, they could get good officers to stay and attract good officers to the department. City teachers did this many years ago becuase they wanted quality teachers, do the same for the police. OH and.. nice shirt

    1. Sadcityresident says:

      Amen ! and they just keep talking about hiring more black officers every time you turn the news on !

    2. Maria says:

      Wow! Nice racist comment!

  3. Paul says:

    What a hoot! This guy is getting arrested and he’s wearing an Obama/Biden shirt! PRICELESS!!!!

  4. Pat says:

    What’s up with that stack of papers Marty was clutching? He looked like the guy I see sleeping on the bus everyday

  5. bubba says:

    ment to say as michele’s guy in waiting

  6. quaker says:

    another outstanding liberal from the hood

  7. Redrock100 says:

    Not racist. just the facts mam, just the facts.

  8. ROBO66 says:

    AMEN brother!!!! I was an officer in the suburbs and where I worked we were also FORCED to live there..And my child WAS threatened by persons I arrested. But you know what, I continued to work and live there regardless, until non work related medical conditions forced me to have to hang up my duty belt. I really would like to see these know it alls here complete the training and hit the streets to see what its really like. Its very easy to hide behind a computer screen and talk s#@t but not have a clue about what your saying. And as for these stupid ass racist comments here, GROW UP!!!! The bad apples come in all races, shapes and sizes, and thats in any and all fields of work!! With that to all the honest and hard working officers out there, STAY SAFE!!

  9. COP says:

    First of all this police officer is not indicative of the majority of Pittsburgh Police officers who are professional, honorable and hard working people.
    Even though his arrest smears the good name of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, I’m still glad that he was arrested. He needed to be removed from this job. He’s a disgusting person who should never have the ability to remove another American’s freedom.
    Good job by the cops who were involved in the investigation which led to this idiot’s arrest.

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