Humane Society’s Fieser Discusses Negative Press Surrounding Pit Bulls

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek visits with Gretchen Fieser, the PR Director of the Western PA Humane Society, and her furry friend Joey the pit bull.

They discuss the negative press the breed has received and information on adoption.

Western Pennsylvania Humane Society
Pit Bulls Attack Dog, Owner In Ross Twp.

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  1. Seeking balance says:

    The dog has what is called a ‘sport crop’, it is commonly used in AmStaffs even the show ones, so to speculate that he was ‘abused’ based on his ear cropping is a bit out there/excessive. Also the majority of the ‘pit bulls’ that you see out there in this city are not true pit bulls, they are mixed with American Bulldogs and also Cane Corso’s – this is resulting in larger/more powerful dogs with aggression being ‘higher’ for the locally bred ‘backyard’ pit bulls that MOST people are encountering and purchasing. Plus, these dogs were bred to fight for the most recent DECADES, so please don’t try and imply these dogs do not have dog aggression – they have high pain tolerances, and they also have inherent aggression with other, particularly small animals. It is extremely IRRESPONSIBLE for you not to admit that this is inherent in this breed. I’m not saying they are bad dogs, BUT they are not dogs for everybody.

  2. Marianne Agostine says:

    I have a dog thats a boxer, he is 2 years old and he plays witha pittbull dog who is 3 years old and they love each other. I used to work at a pet resort with pittbulls and other dogs. Every dog has an aggressive nature within them. It’s all on how that dog was trained and raised. Yes pittbulls are at the top of the list with rottewielers and german shepards, jack russell terriors but again its all on how they are raised and how the owners are and the parents of the dog. I’m sorry but i’m very neutral, yes they’re alot of stories about pittbulls but u should see my boxer and this pittbull play together they love each other, also this pittbull plays with small dogs he is full blooded brendal pittbull he loves everyone even my little sister who is 11. I’m sorry but not all are raised bad. you have to look at everything not just one story.

    1. Seeking balance says:

      My Rottie’s best friend was a blue brindle Pit years ago. They played every couple of weeks, very LOUD, but neither of them ever opened their mouths.

      That being said, I’ve seen Pit siblings who were NEVER separated get overstimulated by dogs going by their fenced in yard and one quite literally KILLED the other one. These were well adjusted and socialized dogs that never ‘wanted’ for anything, but redirected aggression resulted in overstimulation and the death of a dog… Sorry, but I’ve been working with dogs for over 25 years, and if you deny that this breed has serious reactivity issues, immense pain tolerance and prey drive that can become dangerous (they are terriers after all), you are doing everyone a disservice – including the dogs! This is NOT a breed for everyone, and there are bloodlines where animal aggression has been promoted for YEARS and it’s slightly deluded to think you can ignore that.

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