Crews Prep To “Light The River”On Fire

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Zambelli is putting on a big show this weekend, but it’s not going just going to light up the sky with their trademark fireworks. Crews are getting ready to “Light The River” on fire!

The show, which coincides with the Pitt Panthers’ first game of the season, will be a combination of flames and fireworks.

Organizers say it will appear as though the Allegheny River is on fire tomorrow night as flames shoot up to 100-feet into the air.

In preparation for Saturday’s spectacular show, crews tested the flame-shooting devices on the river today.

“If you’re standing over on the shore over there, you’ll be able to feel the heat,” Zambelli CEO Doug Taylor told KDKA-TV.

The show will also include Zambelli’s trademark fireworks, choreographed to music! It’s all set to take place on the Allegheny River after the Pitt-Buffalo game at Heinz Field.

“Zambelli To ‘Light The River’ After Pitt-Buffalo Game,”
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One Comment

  1. John Q says:

    This ain’t Cleveland

  2. Just Saying... says:

    This is the third article I have started to read today only to find that it is just a reworded version of one that was posted yesterday. Very disappointing KDKA!

  3. Mayor of GBD says:

    KK – feel free to go all electric if you have natural gas in your residence. Oh, disconnect the electricity too, because very soon, due to Marsellus, most power plants will be natural gas fired.

  4. Arby Tron says:

    KD has so many hours of news to fill they do the noon news for 3 days

  5. PFC says:

    We are watching the fireworks from Mt. Washington tonight. I know they are shooting the fire and fireworks off to music. What station can we turn on to hear it? Do you know or how we can find out? We can’t hear the music from that side of the river.

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