DEP Officials Urge People To Stay Away Area Of Spill On River

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It was the first full day on the Allegheny River for boaters this holiday weekend, but for some an unwelcome sight spoiled the day.

A small fish kill, along with other dead aquatic life, could be seen by fisherman and boaters in some areas of the river.

It’s the result of a commercial detergent, ethoxylated alcohol, which spilled into the river on Friday.

“It’s a real shame. River traffic has picked up. There’s a lot of boaters, a lot of fisherman around here,” said Mayor Thomas Wilkinson, of Roscoe Borough. “It’s just a shame to see this happen hopefully it will get cleared up.”

Officials with the Department of Environmental Protection say the waste management company that cleaned up a chemical spill on the Monongahela River on Wednesday transported the detergent to the Allegheny Valley Joint Sewage Treatment Plant for disposal. However, some 2,600 gallons got into the Allegheny.

“It should not harm humans, but we would really like people to stay away from it,” Don Bialosky, of the DEP, said on Friday. “They shouldn’t be swimming in this area. They should really try and stay away at this point. It will dissipate, dilute into the water and break down naturally.”

The area of the Allegheny River is near the treatment plant in Harmar.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority officials say none of the substance passed into Pittsburgh’s drinking water supply and the water is safe to drink.

Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority
Department of Environmental Protection
Chemical Spills Into Allegheny River


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  1. What? says:

    So did some fishermen have 2600 gallons of ethanol alcohol haul fall out of his boat? Where did it come from NEWS people?

  2. K says:

    I guess they didnt want to show any of the footage the guy filmed while he was in Roscoe. To worried about the Allegheny!?!?!

  3. Robin Quigley says:

    with the current and the seaweed how can they say they got 2600 gallons when they supposed only spilled 2620. what grade was it and seeing that they bled it was it blended and with what. and what the… is in the air now what ever it is started when this started and you cant breath especially at night and early morning it burns the lngs and why is it all about allegheny roscoe are get there water from fayette city area and next would be why isnt henwel corp or McCutcheon ent inc out there cutting the seaweed and collecting the dead fish. and then game commissiong can walk our woods and such and collect the dead animals that drank the water. we are not in pittsburgh but we do deserve the same respect..

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